Yes, Savannah James goes to college and has studied at a reputed university. She has always been a massive figure in the industry for being the wife of Lebron James.

Aside from that, she has also gained her fans across the internet through her career. And now, her fans want to know about her educational qualifications.

Let’s take a look below at this article to know about her education.

Who is Savannah James?

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The mother of three children, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and social media influencer Savannah James is also the wife of a talented basketball star.

Savannah is also a famous social media influencer who used to share photos of the couple and her social media post about her husband went viral online one time! Who could not enjoy that?

Savannah was now the center of attention, and after looking over her profile, we discovered that she is a businesswoman who owns both a furniture line and a sports drink company.

Did Savannah James Go to College?

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Yes, Savannah James attended the University of Florida to study interior design course.

Savannah James became a mother during her senior year of high school when she was in a relationship with the basketball player LeBron James.

So, it made her take a break from her education.

Thus, her pregnancy made everyone question her education, and yes, she is a teenage mom who hasn’t given up on her studies.

When did Savannah James Graduate High School?

Savannah James was one year younger than her football player husband, Lebron; thus, he graduated in 2003. So, Savannah might have graduated in 2004.

But the thing is, she got pregnant with her first kid, Lebron James Junior, during that time. In the year 2004, the first kid was born into this world.

Thus, we don’t know whether Savannah graduated in 2004 because she was the one who took care of her baby and because LeBron was very busy with her selections.

Thus, she may have taken some time off, finished her high school graduation, and even attended the university for her higher studies.

Savannah James Qualifications

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Savannah James is a degree holder who completed her graduate degree at the University of Florida. She is an interior designer.

James has become an entrepreneur who runs her furniture line and sports drink company.

In addition, Savannah James is also a woman activist who used to mentor many girls, and she even organizes many career-related programs and makes up courses for them.


Even though Savannah James is well known for being the wife of a great football player, she is a person who worked hard for her own life rather than living under the shadows of her husband.

She faced many struggles, but her husband’s love and support helped her climb the ladder of success. Isn’t the mom of two kids stunning us?

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