Adriel Alvarado, born on January 14, 1986, was the husband of the transgender activist Mona Alvarado. He has faced so many controversies and problems in his life, which even led him to lose his precious life.

Hence, this article will discuss Adriel Alvarado’s early life, death, obituary, age, profession, net worth, etc.

Profile Summary
NameAdriel Alvarado
Birth Date14 January 1986
Birth PlaceTemple University Hospital, Philadelphia
Death Date17 April 2022
Death ReasonStill a Mystery
Height6 Feet
1.85m (in Meter)
185cm (in Centimeter)
Weight85 kg or 185 lbs
Net Worth$1000 Million at the time of his death
EthnicityMixed Ethnicity
Zodiac SignN/A
ParentsYolanda & Mr Alvarado
Martial StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendMonae Alvarado

Who is Adriel Alvarado?

Adriel Alvarado was the spouse of the famous American transgender activist Mona. He rose to fame for marrying a transgender woman when he was a straight person.

The love story of Adriel and Mona went viral as their love began in prison. They struggled to marry Mona, and their love story went viral.

Then, recently, Adriel was killed due to a gunshot in an unknown shooting incident, and his death news also fuelled the information of Adriel.

Adriel Alvarado Causes of Death

The cause of the death of Adriel Alvarado is still a mystery to be solved because he died of gunshot wounds. The members who shot Adriel are still unknown.

According to online sources, Adriel died along with two police officers during the Pennsylvania shooting incident.

The suspect in the shooting incident killed himself; thus, the mastermind behind the shooting is still unknown.

Whereas in some other sources, it is claimed that Adriel’s wife, Mona, shot Adriel.

Whereas some other sources stated, his house owner killed Adriel, thinking he tried to rob him.

We hope that Adriel’s wife won’t be the reason for her death.

Adriel Alvarado Obituary

Adriel Alvarado died on April 17, 2022, and his funeral happened on April 28, 2022. His wife, Mona, live-streamed the funeral scene on her YouTube channel.

And many people have shared their tributes to Adriel upon viewing the live streaming of the funeral.

Mona and his family survived Adriel. He doesn’t have a kid for himself.

Adriel Alvarado Age

Adriel Alvarado was 36 years old at the time of his death, as he was born on January 14, 1986. But he died in April 2022. But he has reached heaven too soon.

Adriel Alvarado Family

The family of Adriel Alvarado is tiny; he was born to Yolanda and Mr Alvarado.

His grandparents are Andre Alvarado, Maria A. Guzman Corcino, and Heriberto Reyes. And he has one brother.

He is of American nationality and mixed ethnicity.

His nickname was Tutu; his family and close friends used to call him Tutu.

Adriel and his brother were incredibly pampered by being born into a small family. But as the days rolled on, the influence of his parents’ words on Adriel was reduced a lot, which made him take a different path in his life, and he held hands with some gang members.

But love came again to correct his life in the form of Mona.

Adriel Alvarado Height and Weight

Adriel Alvarado’s height was 6 feet, 182 cm, or 1.82 meters, and he weighs about 85 kg or 187 lbs.

As he was a violent gang member, he used to maintain his body in a well-versed manner. Adriel had his abs and packs, which shows his interest in being a fitness freak.

He has a light caramel-colored complexion, and he has inked his body with lots of tattoos. We can see lots of bodies on his hands.

He has a round face, big ears, and a nose. In addition to that, he maintained a black hair color.

Adriel Alvarado Profession

Adriel Alvarado’s profession is unknown; he was an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community. Before that, Adriel was a gang member who used to do some small violent activities.

He even went to prison for doing his gang member activities. Later, he realized his wrongdoing and tied hands with Mona.

Mona is a great activist, but still, there must be some economical profession to feed ourselves. Such professional data needs to be known.

Adriel Alvarado Relationship

Adriel Alvarado met his love of life at his Pennsylvania correction center. At that time, transgender activist Mona didn’t get her genuine transition, so she was in her male body so Mona was imprisoned in a male jail room, and Adriel was her roommate.

During the jail term, the love between them grew. And eventually, they fell in love with each other.

Then, the couple decided to get married privately. But they got married after a considerable struggle. That, too, Adriel faced lots of challenges before marrying Mona. He was a straight person, and Mona was a transwoman. Thus, their love story had lots of twists and turns.

In their relationship, Mona and Adriel have grown in every way, but unfortunately, Adriel’s life ended too soon, leaving Mona as a single person on this earth.

Adriel Alvarado Net Worth

Adriel Alvarado’s net worth is estimated at around $10,000 as of 2023. The source of income for him is not known. But after being released from jail, he wasn’t involved in any kind of gang activity.

We hope that Adriel might have done some decent jobs for a living.

If we see the net worth value of Adriel for the last year, 2022, it was around $9000. Thus, his average salary is $1,000.

Facts about Adriel Alvarado

  • Adriel Alvarado rose to fame by being the spouse of transgender activist Mona Alvarado.
  • His cause of death is still a mystery to be resolved.
  • Adriel’s life has changed since marrying Mona; even his love has made him a good human.
  • His love story begins in jail and ends with a gunshot.


Thus, we have discussed the trans-couple love story of Adriel and Mona Alvarado. A trans couple is facing problems in society, but sometimes it even leads to killing the other person.

What do you guys think about the Adriel Alvarado story? Comment on it.

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