Beverly Root, born in the late 1940s, is a celebrity spouse popularly known for being the ex-wife of the veteran Hollywood actor Gerald McRaney.

She used to appear in the 1960s newspaper, where she got the attention of many people.

But now, both of their tracks have changed. So, we are here with new sets of information like Gerald McRaney’s early life, age, profession, net worth, present husband, children, height, etc. Let’s dive into the article now.

Who is Beverly Root?

Who is Gerald McRaney's Ex-Wife Beverly Root?
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Beverly Root is the spouse of the Hollywood actor Gerald McRaney, who came to media attention after her divorce news spread like a forest fire.

Gerald is a more popular celebrity who has acted in famous series like Simon & Simon, Major Dad, Promised Land, and House of Cards.

In addition to that, Gerald is also a director, producer, and actor, so he was a very famous personality in the 1960s. During that period, Gerald married Beverly, and Beverly became famous in Hollywood, even though their marriage ended after 5 years.

Early Life of Beverly Root

Beverly Root is a lady who might have been born in the 1940s with many aspirations and dreams to succeed. But the sad thing is that we couldn’t collect many details about her early life.

She married her celebrity spouse in 1966, so at that time, computers and the internet were developing, and everything would be recorded only in the papers.

Beverly divorced her celebrity spouse within a short period, so her more detailed details weren’t available to us.

And by her looks and ascent, we can surely tell that Beverly is an American lady, and her ethnic roots are spread across the United States.

Beverly Root Age

Beverly’s root age will be around 70; she might have been born in the late 1940s.

As we have already mentioned, more detailed information about Beverly is unavailable.

She got married in the year 1966, and we are more certain that Beverly would have married Gerald when she attained the needed age for getting married, so if we calculate that Beverly is in her 70s as of 2023,

Beverly Root Height

Beverly’s root height is 5 feet 5 inches, 165 cm, or 1.65 m, and she weighs about 60 kg or 132 lbs. As she has gotten older, she has gained some extra weight.

When we married Gerald, Beverly had a perfect body, shiny blonde hair, and a captivating grey eye.

However, her physical appearance of Beverly is highly dependent on their age. As their age increases, surely their appearance will change as part of the natural process.

Beverly Root Relationship

Beverly Root’s current relationship details are unknown. She married her love, Gerald, in 1966.

Her starting point in her marriage life was fruitful, but later, her relationship with Gerald worsened. And in 1971, the couple got divorced.

Still, she managed to raise her two children very well. Don’t you guys know about Gerald and Beverly’s children?

They have two children, and they are

  • Angus McRaney
  • Jessica McRaney

Angus McRaney is the first daughter of the former celebrity couple and was born in 1967.

She was born after the first year of their marriage. The years rolled on, and Augus came into this world. But destiny had a different mission for him: Augus was born deaf, so he needed extra care and effort to lead a normal life.

Beverly Root Ex-Husband

Who is Gerald McRaney's Ex-Wife Beverly Root?

Beverly’s ex-husband’s name is Gerald McRaney, a popular director, actor, and producer in the Hollywood industry.

He started his acting journey by getting a minor role in the 1960s movie Gunsmoke.” Then, he got to act in the hit series “The Incredible Hulk” in the 1970s.

The years rolled on, but Gerald couldn’t attain a significant role in the Hollywood industry. But his cards changed when he was assigned to play the position in the series “Simon and Simon.”

The series aired in 1981 and aired until 1989, and as Gerald got an important role in that, he remained a favorite hero for many people.

Then he acted in series like Major Dad, Promised Land, etc. One of the highlighting milestones in his career was being nominated for the Emmy Award for his outstanding role as a guest actor for the television series “This is Us.

So, her career life of Gerald is great, but his personal life is not so great because he married Pat Maron, and even that marriage didn’t last longer. Then, he married the guest actor Delta (his third wife).

If we look at his health, even that wasn’t that great because he has been battling deadly cancer for many years.

Beverly Root Career

Beverly Root’s profession has yet to be discovered. She is more private so we couldn’t track her profession.

We are sure that Beverly is not an actress because if she were, we would have some track of her movies, and there are no traces of Beverly being an actress.

So, if any valuable readers know any facts about her profession, kindly tell us in the comment section; we are more likely to hear from you.

Beverly Root Net Worth

Beverly’s net worth is estimated at around 100,000 USD as of 2023. But this is not her 100% true net worth value; we got this data from an online source, and this value may be different from the real one.

And after divorcing Gerald, Beverly might get alimony for caring for her two kids. Thus, those amounts will also add to her net worth.

Facts about Beverly Root

  • Beverly Root is the first wife of Simon and Simon television series star Gerald.
  • She has a deaf son by birth.
  • The reason for Gerald and Beverly’s separation remains unknown to the public.
  • Beverly Root is not active on any social media platforms.

Bottom Line

Beverly Root seemed to want to be an independent woman who prioritized leading her own life.

Even though she became famous for being a celebrity’s wife, she overtook the energy, reflecting her thoughts of being a proud, independent woman rather than a woman who lives in the shadows of a rich man.

Don’t you guys think so? Comment on it.

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