Lee Asher is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and the visionary behind The Asher House, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming shelter dogs throughout the United States.

And here in this article, we will discuss more about the dogs and people’s hero, Lee Asher.

Who is Lee Asher?

Lee Asher
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Lee Asher is an animal welfare advocate and founder of The Asher House, a non-profit organization that helps rescue and rehome shelter dogs across the United States.

Asher, originally from Los Angeles, California, left his corporate job in 2017 to travel the country in a converted school bus with six rescue dogs, raising awareness about the importance of animal adoption and encouraging others to adopt shelter pets.

He is not the type of person who is into dogs alone.

He currently cares for 30 dogs, two donkeys, two horses, 13 pigs, three cows, four goats, six sheep, four alpacas, and a parrot.

In addition, Lee Asher also appeared in the new Animal Planet/Discovery+ show, “My Pack Life”!

Since then, he has been featured in numerous media outlets, including People Magazine, The Dodo, and Good Morning America.

He has inspired thousands to adopt shelter pets and support animal rescue efforts.

Why is Lee Asher Moving?

Lee Asher is moving and dedicating all his 6-digit salary to rescuing the dogs. Lee Asher conveys the reason for his change.

He feels very grateful after rescuing each animal, and he shared his thoughts on his decision on his social media account.

Here it is.

It’s not just about the animals, it’s people who can change the world and help them.

When people are happy, they treat each other better, and he wants folks to live with a purpose.

Early Life of Lee Asher

Lee Asher was born in 1988 in the United States of America. He is very private, so most of his family and early life details are unavailable to the public.

Lee Asher Age

The age of Lee Asher is 35 as of 2023, as he was born on August 25, 1988.

Next month Lee will celebrate his 35th birthday, and our team wishes him a very successful life and gives him a healthy life to carry over his rescue missions.

Where Does Lee Asher Live?

Lee Asher resides in Oregon, where he has opened a sanctuary for his rescue animals on 25 acres. Thus, he is living there and taking care of his rescued animals.

What is Lee Asher’s Nationality?

Lee Asher’s nationality belongs to the United States of America, and he is American by birth.

Where Did Lee Asher Go To College?

Lee Asher’s educational details are unavailable, and there is another magician with the same name as Lee Asher.

Some of his educational information is combined with our animal’s hero. So read the legit sources!

Who Are Lee Asher’s Parents?

Parental details for Lee Asher are not available to us; we have searched for his social media account as well, but sadly, we couldn’t find a single picture of his parents.

Lee Asher Father

Lee Asher’s father’s name and details have yet to be discovered.

Is Lee Asher in A Relationship?

No, Lee Asher is currently single and has been rumored to have dated a lady named Ana Rubiolo. But they have separated for some personal reasons.

Lee Asher And Sydney Ferbrache

Sydney Ferbrache and Lee Asher were rumored to be dating in 2017, but there is no official confirmation of their relationship.

Sydney Ferbache is a full-time van traveler who used to travel around the world with her pet dog Ella.

But there needs to be authentic information to prove that Sydney and Lee Asher are related to each other.

One mutual thing for both is that Lee and Sydney quit their jobs and travel worldwide.

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Lee Asher Net Worth

Lee Asher’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million as of 2024. He has appeared in many TV Discovery Channel shows magazines, and advertisements, which has been reflected in his net worth value.

In addition, before he quit his job, Lee earned a 6-digit salary in dollars so he might have added quite a bit of money.

Where Does Lee Asher Get His Money?

Lee Asher gets his money from his advertisements and TV shows.

In addition, Lee Asher is a social media celebrity, so he used to earn money by doing all types of endorsements and paid promotions, thus making lots of money from that as well.

What Does Lee Asher Do For A Living?

Lee Asher is an animal rescuer who has saved millions of dollars from his earlier job, and currently, he is doing his rescuing activities as his full-time job.

His services to the animals helped him earn more fame and popularity, so Lee Asher is also making from his rescuing activities.

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How Do I Contact Lee Asher?

Through the website for The Asher House, where there is a contact page where you can leave a message for the company, you can get in touch with Lee Asher.

The address of the website is www.theasherhouse.com.

You can also follow Lee Asher on Facebook and Instagram, where he routinely shares updates on his work.

You can also contact him there because he frequently answers messages and comments on his articles.

A mailing address is also available for correspondence at The Asher House:

Postal Code 124: The Asher House

Bottom Line

Thus, we have seen more exciting information about the animal rescuer Lee Asher. Our team salutes him for all his good deeds.

Don’t you guys want to? The comment section is yours!

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  1. I watch Lee’s stories on YouTube every evening. Watching these beautiful creatures transform as a result of having their needs for safety, stability, and love is very heartwarming, and an uplifting way to get away from all the negativity in our daily news. I’ve loved animals all my life, and this show really blesses my heart. Lee presents a very truthful image of himself. I consider him a positive role model for all ages.

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