Renee Greenstein is a former fitness model and now a globally renowned fashion designer who rose to fame with her brand Women with Control and Attitudes by Renée on the QVC channel.

In this article, we are going to explain Renee’s net worth, age, husband, and parent details in a detailed manner.

Who is Renee Greenstein?

Renee Greenstein

Renee Greenstein is a global fashion designer and entrepreneur who runs her clothing brand Women with Control and Attitudes by Renée.

Both of these brands used to do telemarketing on the QVC channel, and they have become the top-selling brands on QVC as well.

Thus, Renee’s product can be seen in the wardrobes of many million people from all over the world.

She has started her career as a fitness model. During his modeling days, she felt that plus-size ladies and super-lean people were allowed to wear certain dresses only.

She believed that a woman’s personality matters above all else. She wanted to design dresses that complement the personality of women, and thereby, two brands were born: Women with Control and Attitudes.

Hence, Renee is the bold lady who is behind the most popular fashion lines in the USA and Japan.

Renee Greenstein Age

Renee Greenstein

Renee Greenstein’s age is 73 as of 2024 because she was born on January 12, 1951.

Even at the age of 73, Renee looks so young and slim—all thanks to her daily exercise routine, which helps her stay much younger for her age.

Last month, Renee simply celebrated her birthday by inviting her close friends and family members alone. Our team also wishes her a very happy and healthy birthday in 2024.

Renee Greenstein Height

Renee Greenstein’s height is 5 feet, 5 inches, or 165 cm, or 1.65 meters, and she weighs about 55 kg or 121 lbs.

She currently possesses a very slim body, but some years ago, Renee seemed to have put on so much weight.

Now, she has reduced her weight more significantly. Many people were more intrigued to know Renee’s weight loss journey because there seemed to be more visible changes in her weight.

Renee thanked her diet and exercises for her weight-loss journey.

As she nears her 75th birthday, we can see many grey hairs. Renee is an attractive lady, so her black-gold complexion is her most attractive physical feature.

Renee Greenstein Early Life

Renee Greenstein was born in the United States of America. Thus, her nationality belongs to the USA only.

But her parents are of mixed ethnicity, so Renee possesses both white and black ethnicity.

Since childhood, Renee has had a passion for clothing and fashion-related information because, one time, her aunty gifted her a costly Chanel jacket. That jacket triggered Renee’s fashion interest.

But she wanted a secure career, so Renee did a full-time theology course, and side by side, she attended the fashion program, where Renee is seen as a fitness model.

There is little information related to her parents and siblings.

Renee Greenstein Career

Renee Greenstein

Renee Greenstein has started her career as a fitness model for many sportswear and dresses.

Being the model, Renee learned lots of nuances about women’s clothing and the real needs of women regarding apparel.

Then she started her Women on Control brand, which introduces clothing for all women because Renee believes that all women must possess self-confidence in themselves.

And they are the ones who should control the dressing needs, not any outsiders or society.

After the huge success of the brand, Renee started another clothing brand named Attitudes by Renée. This brand is about how to improve women’s personalities through Renee dresses.

Even this brand got more famous, and thereby, it got the opportunity to participate in the QVC shows.

Currently, both Renee brands are ruling the QVC channel with optimum views and comments.

Renee Greenstein Husband

Renee Greenstein Husband Justin Greenstein
Renee Greenstein’s Husband Justin Greenstein

Renee Greenstein’s husband’s name is Justin Greenstein. He is working as a real estate agent. In the year 1989, Renee lost her first husband in a severe heart attack.

His death affected their life of Renee so much, and she found her life devastated. Then, life saw a bloom when Renee met Justin. Justin’s kind nature healed Renne’s wounds.

In 1991, Justin and Renee got married in a private ceremony. They have been living through all their thin and thick. Recently, the pair happily celebrated their 30th anniversary.

Moreover, Renne and Justin Pai didn’t have a biological child for themselves. But Justin has one son named Corey from his previous relationship. And Renee used to see Corey as her only son.

Corey got married and welcomed his children, Levi and Aya. Hence, Renee has now become the grandma of two children.

Renee Greenstein Net Worth

Renee Greenstein

The net worth of Renee Greenstein is 10 million dollars as of 2024. She is a businesswoman who is successfully running two big clothing brands more profitably.

In addition to that, QVC will give her a monthly salary for featuring her products on their channel.

And, She has also amassed nearly 16K followers on her Instagram profile. Hence, she can earn money from her social media endorsements and promotions.

Renee Greenstein Social Media

Renee Greenstein is active on almost every social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where she has posted many pictures and videos of her professional and personal life.

She shares romantic and funny pictures and videos with her husband which is liked by many people.


Thereby, we have seen the inspiring biography of Renee Greenstein simply and crisply. What are your views about the clothing brands she wears? Kindly comment on it.

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