Marleny Santana is a famous TikTok and the only fan star who rose to fame for her captivating physical body and auditing comic-sensed videos.

This article will discuss Marleny Santana’s early life, age, height, profession, net worth, relationship, and education.

Who is Marleny Santana?

Marleny Santana Image
Marleny Santana Image

Marleny Santana is a social media star who has amassed millions of followers on the TikTok and Instagram platforms.

She started her TikTok journey in 2020 due to the COVID period, during which she wanted to expose her hidden skills to the world.

Her POV, short lip sync videos, got much attention as Marleny infused her authentic and funny skirts into her videos.

Being a talented social media creator, she acquired 14 million followers, leading her to open her only fan account.

Thus, Marleny has become one of the leading fan stars as well.

Marleny Santana Age

Marleny Santana’s age is 28, as she was born on October 18, 1995. Recently, only Marleny celebrated her 28th birthday in grand style.

One shocking news to every Marleny fan is that Marleny is the mother of four at the age of 28!

All thanks to her diet and regular workouts!

Marleny Santana Height and Weight

The height and weight of Marleny Santana are 5 feet, 8 inches, or 172 cm, or 1.72 meters, and Marley weighs about 57 kg or 127 lbs.

Marleny Santana Nationality and Ethnicity

Marleny nationality is from the United States, and her ethnic roots are spread across Mexico.

She was born in Mexico, but for her high school studies, Marleny shifted to the United States and settled there; hence, her nationality is different from her ethnicity.

Marleny Santana Parents and Siblings

Parent details for Marleny Santana are not available with us; both are Mexicans who gave birth to two kids, Marleny and Adrian.

Adrian is the younger brother of Marleny and stands as a complete support system for Marleny.

But after doing deep research on the Instagram posts of Marleny and Adrian, they seemed to be very fishy.

If we see the surnames of both of them, they are different, and in the Instagram posts of Adrian, he used to use the heart emoji whenever he shared about Marleny.

In the comment section, many people commented on why Marleny and Adrian were separated. This clearly shows that Marleny and Adrian are not siblings by birth.

Whereas some other sources mentioned them as brothers and sisters, the relationship between Marleny and Adrian remains a mystery.

Marleny Santana Education

Marleny’s educational details are not known to us. She has indeed come to the United States for her high school education. Thus, she completed high school in the US.

But after that, what she did was unknown to everyone. There are chances that Marleny might have completed her degree at some university, or she might have joined some work.

Marleny became a famous social media celebrity only after the year 2020. Before that, no one knew her occupation or educational qualifications.

Marleny Santana Career

Marleny Santana started her social media career in 2020, but before that, she might have seen some jobs, and that information is not available to us.

She is the mother of four kids, so giving birth to them, raising them, and sending them to school is a highly time-consuming job. So, there are chances that Marleny is a full-time mother.

However, upon seeing her physical appearance, Marleny seemed more interested in fitness for a longer time. This helps us to guess Marleny as a model before her social media career.

She is a full-time social media content creator and only a fan creator.

Marleny Santana Net Worth

The net worth of Marleny Santana is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2024.

She has amassed around 13 million followers on TikTok, so she used to get lots of sponsorships for each post. Usually, she gets approximately $1,000 for each post.

In addition to that, she has been modeling for various brands, like Nova. Thus, it will also add to her net worth. Moreover, one of her significant sources of income is her Facebook account.

Her net worth for 2022 is 45,000 dollars. Hence, Marleny’s salary is $5,000.

Marleny Santana Boyfriend

Marleny Santana is rumored to be dating Armando Martinez; he seems to be a singer. Mando and Marleny’s posts are intimate, and we could also see them kissing in their positions.

All these things prove that Marleny is dating that Mando singer.

Moreover, Marleny is the mother of four kids, and no one knows about the father of those kids. Is Mando their father? Or else Marleny separated from her previous partner?

Marleny Santana Social Media

Marleny is a social media star who has amassed millions of followers with her talent and beauty.

Marleny Santana TikTok

Marleny Santana is one of the greatest TikTok creators in the United States, where she has amassed around 13 million followers.

In TikTok, she used to post short videos, POVs, lip sync videos, etc.; till now, she has received 644 million likes from her fans.

Marleny Santana Instagram

Marleny Santana’s Instagram ID is marlener3131, and she has amassed 2 million followers. We could see both her professional and personal photos in her Instagram profile.

Facts about Marleny Santana

  • Marleny is a Mexican-based social media creator.
  • She has taken a new phase in her social media life by creating an account on the OnlyFans platform.
  • She is an aspiring entrepreneur who dreams of opening makeup and beauty products.

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