Alvin Love II, born on April 23, 1951, is a co-pastor, entrepreneur, and personal manager of the greatest gospel female artist, CeCe Winans. He rose to fame by being the spouse of Cece Winans.

Cece is an internationally recognized gospel artist who won nearly 15 Grammy Awards. Alvin was the backbone for all her success by guiding and aiding her as a personal manager.

Thus, in this article, we will discuss Alvin Love II’s early life, age, profession, net worth, relationship, kids, etc., in a detailed manner.

Profile Summary
NameAlvin Love II
Birth Date23 April 1951
Birth PlaceBrentwood, America
Age72 Years old
Height5 feet 8 inche
Weight70 kg
EthinityAmerican of African
ProfessionEntreprenuer, Co-paster, Personal manager of Singer CeCe Winans
WifePriscilla Marie Winans
SonAlvin Love III
DaughterAshley Love
Net WorthAround $5 Billion

Who is Alvin Love II?

Alvin Love II
Alvin Love II with his wife Priscilla Marie Winans

Alvin Love II is a personal manager and the husband of the world-famous gospel musical artist Cece Winans.

He is not only managing his wife’s work, but he has also gained lots of knowledge in the musical industry. Thus, it helped him to found the PureSprings Gospel Music Company, where they used to release recorded gospel songs from various artists.

In addition to that, Alvin is a pastor at the Nashville Life Church; actually, Nashville Life Church was jointly opened by Alvin and Cece Winans.

Alvin Love is also the church minister serving in the churches. He has started from scratch and achieved more remarkable milestones in his life.

And all thanks to his compatibility with his wife, Cece. Both of them tried their best and reached a phenomenal position.

Presently, they are making a difference in the lives of others as well.

Alvin Love II Age

Alvin Love II’s age is 72 as of 2023 because he was born on April 23, 1951, at Brentwood. It has been 7 months since he attained his 72nd age.

Even though Alvin has reached the age of 72, his looks don’t seem to be like that. He looks like a man in his 50s.

Do you know which great English poet was born on the same date (April 23)?

It is William Shakespeare! Well, it was his birthday and death day. Thus, Alvin loves to share his birthday with William Shakespeare.

Alvin Love II Nationality and Ethnicity

Alvin Love II was born in the United States of America; thus, it has naturally helped him attain American nationality.

And his ethnic roots are rooted in black community members. We guess that his ancestors must be of African ethnicity. Hence, he is an American of African ethnicity.

Alvin Love II Height and Weight

Alvin Love II is about 5 feet, 8 inches, or 172 cm, or 1.72 meters, and weighs about 70 kg or 154 pounds.

By seeing the appearance of Alvin, everyone judges him as a person in his 50s.

But his actual age is around 70, and he managed to maintain his physical appearance, all thanks to his activities and workouts. Even pastors have to retain their godly appearance, right?

Alvin Love II Parents

Alvin Love II’s parents’ details are not known to us. He is a very private person when it comes to his family. So, he hasn’t released any of his parents’ photos on his Instagram profile either.

Thus, we couldn’t gather his parents’ details of Alvin’s love II. If any of the readers came to know about his parents’ kindly comment on it,

Alvin Love II Education

Alvin Love II’s educational details are also not available to us. He is a very great gospel musical artist as well. Thus, there are chances that Alvin might have studied some degrees or courses related to music.

If not, he does excellent managing work so Alvin might have studied something related to management as well.

Hence, as of now, we don’t know about the exact educational details of Alvin Love II.

Alvin Love II’s Wife

Alvin Love II
Alvin Love II with his wife and children

The wife’s name for Alvin Love II is CeCe Winans, and her real name is Priscilla Marie Winans.

She is a legendary singer of gospel music. Both of them had their first meeting with the help of an acquaintance.

Their similar interest in Christianity brought them closer. First, the friendship bloomed between them, even though they had an age difference of 17 years! At their first meeting, Alvin was 33 years old, and Winan was only 16 years old.

Love doesn’t know the barriers, right? Then, the couple got into a relationship and married on June 23, 1984. And the couple has two kids for themselves.

Let us learn exciting facts about her.

Alvin Love’s wife, Cece Winans, was born on October 8, 1964, in Detroit. She was born into a family of 10.

She started her musical career with her brother, Bebe Winans. Then, in 1995, Cece released her first lyric video, “Alone in His Presence,” which became the most viral song; thus, CeCe became the most famous person in her career.

Then, it led her to win 12 Grammy Awards, which made Cece the most recognized and awarded gospel artist in the whole world.

In addition to that, Cece and Alvin founded the Nashville church as well.

Alvin Love II Children

Alvin Love II has two children: one son and one daughter. His son, Alvin Love III, is a music producer and songwriter like his father.

Love III married Jasmine Ray Love, and both invited their baby girl in September, named “Honey Rosa,” and his daughter, Ashley Love, married Kenny Philps.

Alvin Love II Career

Alvin Love II’s career revolves around many sectors. Primarily, he is the personal manager of his wife, Cece Winans.

Then, he runs a musical recording company named Pure Springs Gospel, based in Nashville.

In addition to that, he also manages an entertainment company named “CW Entertainment.”.

Alvin and his wife, named Cece Winans, founded a church called “Nashville Church,” and he is the co-pastor of that church.

Moreover, he is the licensed minister and trustee of the born-again church.

Alvin Love II’s Net Worth

Alvin Love II
Alvin Love II

The net worth of Alvin Love is estimated to be around 5 million dollars as of 2023. As the founder of a church and a music recording company, he runs multiple businesses.

Thus, everything would help him earn millions of dollars in net worth.

If we look at the net worth of Alvin Love II for 2022, it was around 4 million dollars. Thus, his annual salary is nearly $1 million!

Alvin Love II Social Media

Alvin Love II doesn’t have any social media accounts for himself. His son and wife, Cece, have their own social media accounts. But Alvin has refrained from creating a social media presence.

5 Interesting Facts About Alvin Love II

  • Alvin Love and CeCe Winan first met at a baseball match.
  • There is a 17-year age difference between Alvin and his wife, Cece.
  • Alvin Love II is also a great gospel artist.
  • Alvin has become a grandfather recently.
  • Kenny Phillips is the son-in-law of Alvin.


1. Who is Alvin Love II?

Alvin Love II is the personal manager of the gospel artist Cece Winans and also the pastor of Nashville Church.

2. How is Old Alvin Love II?

Alvin Love II is 72 as of 2023 because he was born on April 23, 1951.

3. How Long Has CeCe Winans Been Married?

Alvin and Cece married on June 23, 1984; thus, they have been married for 39 years as of 2023.

4. How many kids does Alvin Love II have?

Alvin Love II has two kids: one boy named Alvin Love III and a daughter named Ashley.

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