Faye Breezy is a budding singer and content creator who rose to fame with her mesmerizing voice and content-creating style.

Nowadays, social media platforms act as platforms to exhibit all the emerging personalities.

In this case, Faye Breezy is one of them striving to create her music community with her talents. Hence, this article will discuss Faye’s early life, age, education, profession, net worth, relationship, etc.

Profile Summary
NameFaye Breezy
Birth date13 January 1999
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Age24 Years old
Height5 feet 2 inch
Weight60 kg
NationalityUnited States
ProfessionSinger, Content Creator
NetWorth$ 10,000

Who is Faye Breezy?

Faye Breezy
Faye Breezy

Faye Breezy is a budding musical artist who has released songs like Vibe, Faded, and I Wanna Be.

In addition to that, she is also a content creator who has been using social media platforms to popularise her songs.

Initially, she used the SoundCloud application to record her songs. Then, in 2019, Faye Breezy started a TikTok account to share musical, script, and dance videos.

Then, she upgraded herself and started to establish herself on her Instagram account as well. Faye has amassed around 63.3K followers on Instagram.

Everything helped to attain a significant position in the musical field, which led to organizing musical concerts.

Faye Breezy Age

Faye Breezy is 24 as of 2023, born on January 13, 1999. Within three months, she will reach her 25th birthday.

25th birthday is always a tremendous particular year for everyone, as it denotes that we have crossed our silver anniversary on our mother earth.

And sooner or later, Faye Breezy will also be a 25-year-old girl.

Faye Breezy Parents and Siblings

Faye Breezy parent’s details are not known as of now. She is more private and dislikes sharing her parents’ details.

In addition to that, her sibling’s data is also not available.

We have deeply researched the Instagram details of Faye Breezy. Even there, we couldn’t find any traces of her parent’s details.

Parents are the pillars of any person’s life; we honestly guess that even Faye Breezy’s parents might have been rendering their constant support for the upliftment of her life.

Meanwhile, siblings are the mini-mom and dad for everyone. We hope that even Faye has a sibling to lean on.

Faye Breezy Height and Weight

Faye’s breezy height is about 5 feet 2 inches, 157 cm, or 1.57 meters. And she weighs about 60 kg or 132 lbs.

She doesn’t have a slimy body; instead, she has a healthy body with all the perfect curves.

In addition to that, Faye Breezy is a fitness enthusiast who used to love spending time at the gym.

If we look at Faye Breezy, we can guess she is of mixed ethnicity because her skin tone is light caramel.

Faye Breezy has long, shiny black hair, which also coordinates with her pupil color.

Faye Breezy Education

The educational details of Faye Breezy are not unknown either. Since childhood, she has been an ardent music lover and wants to become a great singer. That’s why she started using the SoundCloud application to release her songs.

Hence, there is a high chance that Faye might have learned some basics about music in her schooling, or else she might have chosen any music-related graduation degree at her university.

However, the accurate details of her education are not known.

Faye Breezy Nationality & Ethnicity

Faye Breezy nationality belongs to the United States, as her birthplace is California. if we see the ethnicity of Faye Breezy, it may be rooted in any Islamic state.

If we see the Instagram bio of Faye Breezy, she posted an Indonesian flag and wrote the word “Allah”. It clearly states that she has a relationship with Indonesia.

Thus, there is a chance that her ethnicity belongs to Indonesia, and she also follows the Islamic religion.

But if we look at the surname of Faye Breezy, it doesn’t reflect that she belongs to the Muslim community.

There are chances that Faye wants to follow the religion on her own.

Faye Breezy Career

Faye Breezy
Faye Breezy

Faye Breezy started her career as a musical artist using the SoundCloud platform. According to the official website of Faye Breezy, she seems to have participated in any musical competition where her music was judged based on her talent, which led to her coming in last place in the competition. Her failure was deeply rooted in her heart, which led her to strive for more success.

Then, she started her TikTok account in the year 2019. Faye began to utilize the platform to advertise her musical talent to many people.

She released her first song, “I Wanna Be.” Then, she joined the Instagram platform to extend the visibility of her songs. And later, she joined the YouTube channel as well.

Recently, she has released two songs, Faded and Vibe. And now the songs are available on her YouTube channel.

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Faye Breezy Net Worth

Faye Breezy’s net worth is estimated at around 10,000 dollars as of 2023. She is the person who started her career recently. So, her monthly income is comparatively low compared to other musical artists.

She has her own YouTube channel and has amassed a more significant number of followers on Instagram. So, she used to get more sponsorships and brand endorsements. Even that will add to her net worth.

If we see the net worth of Faye Breezy for 2022, it was around 9000 dollars. Thus, her annual salary is only $1,000.

Faye Breezy Husband or Boyfriend

Faye Breezy’s husband or boyfriend’s details are not known. There are chances that she might be a single person or have been in a relationship with someone else.

She is 24 years old; hence, Faye Breezy has already seen her love of life. But some people will stay away from love relationships to concentrate on their careers.

As of now, her relationship details are not known.

Faye Breezy Social Media

Faye Breezy is active on three social media platforms.

  • Instagram: Faye Breezy Her Instagram ID is Faye Breezy, and she has 63.3K followers.
  • Youtube: Her YouTube channel name is Faye Breezy, and she has earned around 4.3K subscribers.
  • Tiktok: Fayebreezy22 is the Tiktok account name of Faye Breezy.

Facts about Faye Breezy

  • Faye Breezy is an emerging singer who released songs like I Wanna Be, Faded, and Vibe.
  • She has collaborated with the famous pop singer Anne Marie for her tiktok duet.
  • She is a California native.
  • She is a member of the Artist Connect community.


Thus, in this article, we have discussed the biography of the budding singer Faye Breezy. Every artist was first an amateur! And Faye crossed that amateur phase and is busy creating her prophase.

What do you guys think about Faye’s breezy songs? Comment on it.

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