Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce, who was born in the year 2019, is the celebrity kid of football player Travis Kelce.

She rose to fame by being the lovely princess of her sports player father, and she gained the attention of the world because she used to give her precious appearance for her father’s matches.

So here in this article, we are going to discuss Wyatt Elizabeth and her education, parents, net worth, and interests.

Profile Summary
NameWyatt Elizabeth Kelce
Birth Date2 October 2019
Birth PlaceN/A
Age4 Years Old
Height3 Feet
Weight17 kg
FatherTravis Kelce
MotherKayla Nicole
SiblingElliotte ray

Who is Travis Kelce’s daughter Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce?

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce is the daughter of the famous American football player Travis Kelce, who plays as a tight end in the football game.

She used to appear in the football games of his father, so she has gained significant attention from all parts of the world.

The people deeply appreciated her cuteness and the daughter-father bond, so this 3-year-old has her fan world.

Mostly, celebrity kids acquire more attention from the world, so Wyatt is no exception to this.

Even though her mother is a celebrity, Kayla Nicole is a famous broadcast journalist. So, her fame has also contributed to the popularity of Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce.

Early Life of Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce was born in the year 2019 to celebrity parents Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce and Kayla Nicole. And she belongs to the United States region, so her nationality is based in the United States.

Her ethnic roots are also based in the United States. Both of her parents are celebrities, so her childhood is a little different from that of other normal kids.

Because popular kids used to get more spotlight from the media, Wyatt needs extra protection wherever she goes outside. She is just 3 years old so Wyatt might be going to her playschool.

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce Age

Wyatt Elizabeth’s age is around 3 as of 2023. She was born on October 2, 2019. During the birth of Wyatt, his father posted publicly on social media, announcing the arrival of Wyatt Elizabeth.

Thus, even the birth of Wyatt is much celebrated by her father. And as soon as he posted the post online, he received lots and lots of wishes from all parts of the world.

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce Height

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce’s exact height will be around 3 feet, 94 cm, or 0.94 inches.

We didn’t know the exact height of Wyatt because her family wanted to protect her daughter’s privacy. Currently, releasing all this data results in destroying one’s privacy, so her parents don’t share these kinds of data with the general public.

And she weighs around 17 to 18 kg as of now. By looking at the pictures of Wyatt, she seems to be of the correct weight, so her weight measurements will fall under this category.

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce Parents

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce Parents
Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce Parents

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce’s parents are Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole. Both of them are high-profile celebrities.

Travis, the father of Wyatt, is a famous NFL player, and Kayla Nichole, the mother of Wyatt, is a journalist.

They have poured lots and lots of love into nurturing Wyatt. In many interviews, Travis shared that Wyatt is his source of happiness in life. Doesn’t it show that Wyatt is purely Daddy’s little princess?

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce Mother

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce’s mother’s name is Kayla Nicole, and she is a very ambitious woman. She is a Pepperdine University graduate, and she has started her career as a gig reporter on ESPN and Barstool Sports.

Then, she slowly became an entertainment writer for many news media outlets as well. Kayla is also a model who has done modeling for companies like Revolve, Crocs, and Savage X Fenty.

In addition to that, she has also hosted NBA and NFL sports series, and by watching all those matches, she was able to connect with Travis Kelly on Instagram.

Their friendship turned into a relationship, and the couple started dating in 2017. Kayla and Travis are not in a stable relationship; they were on and off the relationship.

In the year 2019, Kayla and Travis welcomed their first daughter, Wyatt Kelce, to the world.

In May 2022, the couple announced publicly that both of them were separated. Presently, there is a rumor spreading that Trevis is dating Taylor Swift!

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce Father

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce’s father’s name is Travis Kelce, who is an NFL football player, and he is the brother of another popular NFL player, Jason. He started his career at the University of Cincinnati as a standout player.

After finishing his graduation degree, he was immediately drafted to Kansas City in 2013. He is an excellent player; he was named All-Pro three times. And he helped his team get many Super Bowl moments.

Travis is not only a talented player but also a philanthropist who has founded an organization named “87 and Running Foundation.”

In that organization, he offers a variety of programs and grants to help people achieve their sports dreams.

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce Sibling

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelly has a sibling named Elliotte Ray. But the connection between Elliotte Ray and Wyatt doesn’t seem to be a blood-related one; we are very sure that Wyatt was born to Kayla and Trevis.

But Elliotte ray information is not much available on the internet, and Trevis is paying more attention to Wyatt. So, the real background details of the Elliotte ray are unknown.

The Bottom line

Thus, we have discussed the little princess of Trevis Kelce and her current lifestyle. We hope that Wyatt will be a great football player because she is just 3, but she seems to be more attracted to football games. So, our team wishes her the best for her future.

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