Have any of you seen the 1992 documentary “Child of Rage”? Do you guys have any idea who is the character behind the “Child of Rage”?

When she was six, Beth Thomas attempted to murder her parents and brother.

But there must be a rationale for every child’s action, and Beth Thomas’ worst and most insane behavior has a valid explanation.

And in this post, we’ll discuss that enraged youngster, a girl who has mistreated and tried to kill her brother Jonathan.

We shall therefore be answering why Beth Thomas became a rage-filled youngster and what happened to Jonathan Thomas, the brother.

Who are Beth Thomas and Her Brother?

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Reactive attachment disorder affected Beth Thomas as a child, which caused her to have more aggressive ideas.

She enjoys mistreating and abusing others. Because Beth is so violent, she frequently makes newspaper headlines, earning her the nickname “the child of rage.”

She was just six years old when she became a horrible kid due to her RAD disorder and early trauma.

Beth Thomas has a younger brother named Jonathan Thomas was just one month old when their original mother passed away, while Beth was only 19 months old.

Beth and Jonathan were compelled to live with their biological father.

On the other side, the 19-month-old child is sexually and physically abused by their molesting father.

Beth Thomas was sexually harassed by her father when she was only 19 months old. You heard it right.

Jonathan experienced the same abuse from her father.

Thank goodness Beth and Jonathan were saved by child welfare services after someone reported the incident to the police.

Additionally, the couple, Tim and Julie, adopted Beth and Jonathan.

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What Happened to Beth Thomas’s Brother?

The news that Beth and Jonathan were finally saved and led happy lives in foster homes may make you feel relieved.

But, It is not!

Due to the severity of her reactive attachment disorder, Thomas changed her attention to her brother as a result. Beth began to sex-hound Jonathan.

He used to get beaten till he bled by her.

Jonathan was knocked over by Beth and rolled down the steps. Even he once had a severe head injury after Beth Thomas knocked him down the stairs.

Julie thankfully saved Jonathan.

Who Hurt Beth Thomas’s Brother?

Beth Thomas! Yes, as she was diagnosed with RAD disorder, it made her do many harmful things to her brother Jonathan.

In the initial days and before adaptation, Jonathan was severely hurt by his biological father, and then after adoption, his sister started to hurt him.

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What Did Beth Thomas Do to Her Brother?

  • Beth used to pinch and squeeze his private parts.
  • Fondled him very aggressively.
  • Sticking pins
  • Pushing him down the stairs
  • Smashing his head on the wall

Does Beth Thomas Talk to Her Brother?

Maybe! There are more chances that Beth will talk to her brother because she has completely recovered from the disorder and might have remorse for her actions.

Well, as always, blood is thicker than water!

Where is Beth Thomas’s Brother Now?

There is currently no information available about Jonathan Thomas.

However, according to certain online sites, he has started exhibiting some RAD symptoms and could be sent to any psychiatric clinic.

But specific details regarding his current life are yet to be provided.

Bottom Line

Beth Thomas is a perfect example of the proverb, “There is always recovery in one life.” She valiantly underwent all the treatments, and in 2016, she married her life partner.

Nancy, her husband, and her foster parents graciously attended the wedding. So it is a happy ending!

We hope Jonathan, Beth’s brother, will similarly live a tranquil and routine life.

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