Have you guys gotten into the habit of listening to radio shows even now? Then are you listening to WFAN’s radio show, Carton and Roberts?

We bet Craig Carton’s hosting style would have made you fall in love with him. But do you know about the lady who made Craig fall for her?

It’s Kim’s carton!

In this article, we will exclusively discuss the ups and downs of the relationship details of our favorite host, Craig Carton.

Let’s get started.

Who Are Craig Carton and Kim Carton?

Craig Carton
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Craig Carton and Kim Carton are an ex-celebrity couple in New York City. He is a very popular radio host on WFAN radio and also a television host on Fox Sports 1.

Meanwhile, Kim Caron is Craig’s ex-wife, an entrepreneur who runs her own clothing boutique in New York.

Kim and Craig are not the most powerful couple due to their popularity, but they are more popular for their good deeds.

Both of them actively worked to create the charitable organization known as the “Tic Toc Stop Foundation” to help youngsters suffering from Tourette Syndrome.

Is Craig Carton Still Married to Kim Carton?

No, Craig and Kim have separated and are not a married couple. In the year 2019, Craig and Kim got divorced.

Kim was the one who initiated the divorce because that was the life where Craig was sentenced to jail for a money fraud case.

But in a recent interview, Craig expressed his desire to patch up his marriage life. So we have to wait for any update from Craig regarding his marriage life.

Who is Craig Carton’s Wife?

Craig’s wife’s name is Kim. Craig Carton, a well-known sports host, formerly married Kim Carton.

Kim and her husband were recently accused of running a Ponzi-like ticketing scheme that defrauded numerous investors of over $5 million.

Many individuals made assumptions regarding Kim Carton’s involvement in the con during that case.

However, some news stories claim that Kim Carton was not involved in the hoax and that Craig was the only one who pulled it off.

Unfortunately, this problem caused the pair to split up.

If we are going to see her professional side, Kim Carton is a clothing entrepreneur who opened “The Valley” store in 2013.

Carton and Kim Carton’s Relationship Timeline

Craig and Kim Carton met through a mutual acquaintance, and their friendship bloomed into love.

They decided to tie the knot within a few months of dating. But their exact marriage timeline is not known. But their relationship ended in 2019.

Does Craig Carton Have a daughter?

Yes, Craig Carton has a daughter named Mickey Carton. Most daughters will be the favorites of every father.

And Mickey Mouse is not an exception to it.

Mickey is Dad‘s little princess for Craig. Craig

Bottom line

Even though Kim and Craig separated from their paths, both used to maintain a good relationship with their children.

And Craig used to convey that he was always grateful to Kim for making him a responsible father. Sometimes love may come in different forms in different relationships as well.

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