The Asher House is like the official name of our hero Lee Asher who loves animals more than his close people. These days, his fans are curious to know about his girlfriend and dating life.

That is why we have brought this article to you. Read below to know who is the girlfriend of The Asher House aka Lee Asher.

What is The Asher House?

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More than just a house, The Asher House is a movement propelled by a passion for animals.

The company’s creator, Lee Asher, transformed his love of animal rescue into a meaningful journey by driving across America in a camper with his four adopted dogs.

Their mission is to promote the adoption of rescue animals and increase public awareness of them.

The Asher House Girlfriend

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As of 2024, The Asher House is currently single and has no girlfriend right now. However, he was previously engaged in a relationship with two ladies, Sydney Ferbrache and Ann Rubiolo.

But as of now, Lee Asher is out of relationships as we can see on his social media handles. But we also don’t know if he is dating someone privately.

Well, take it easy and just move on considering him single at this moment. The animal rescue legend currently seems busy with his professional work.

Is Lee Asher in a Relationship?

No, Lee Asher is currently out of relationships and living his life alone. Earlier, he used to be in a few relationships.

However, he is no longer spending time with any woman whom we can refer to as his girlfriend. This does not mean he has lost interest in women.

Lee Asher Previous Relationships

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Lee Asher had been in a relationship with two women, namely Sydney Ferbracheand Ann Rubiolo. Let’s take a look at their relationship in detail.

#1 Lee Asher and Sydney Ferbrache

Lee Asher’s journey through past relationships includes a significant chapter with Sydney Ferbrache, a native of Indiana.

Their romance blossomed around 2016 or 2017, fueled by their shared passion for rescuing dogs.

Sydney, a popular Instagram blogger with over 287,000 followers, documented their joint efforts in adopting rescue dogs.

During their time together, Lee and Sydney’s love for animals shone brightly as they welcomed several furry friends into their lives.

However, their relationship came to an unfortunate end after two years, officially parting ways in April 2018.

Despite the separation, Sydney remained dedicated to her mission of rescuing and caring for dogs, continuing her journey while living in her van alongside her cherished golden retriever.

Currently, Sydney is engaged to her partner, Henry Friedman, who shares her deep affection for dogs.

Their commitment to animal welfare strengthens their bond and continues to inspire others in their endeavors.

#2 Lee Asher and Ann Rubiolo

Another significant relationship in Lee Asher’s past was with Ann Rubiolo.

Although the exact duration of their relationship remains unclear, their connection lasted for a considerable period before they went their separate ways.

Presently, Ann Rubiolo is in a relationship with Marian Benitez, embracing new beginnings in her personal life.

Through his past relationships, Lee Asher’s affinity for individuals who share his love for animal welfare, specifically in the realm of dog rescue, becomes evident.

Despite the ups and downs experienced, Lee continues to pour his heart and soul into promoting the well-being and adoption of rescue dogs.

His commitment to the cause remains steadfast, inspiring countless others to join him on his mission to make a positive impact in the lives of animals in need.

Why Lee Asher is Single These Days?

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Some people might be curious as to why Lee Asher is still single today given the success of his work with The Asher House.

His intense dedication to the cause is the key. Lee doesn’t have much time for interpersonal relationships because of his commitment to animal rescue and his busy travel schedule.

He dedicates his entire being to The Asher House, making sure that his goal of saving as many animals as he can always comes first.

Is Lee Asher Gay?

No, Lee Asher is not gay because he has been already in a relationship with two females. And we already know that he has never opened up about his sexual identity.

Thus, considering him gay is nothing other than a time waste.

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Lee Asher’s Thoughts on Relationships

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Even though Lee Asher is single right now, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t value relationships. In fact, Lee thinks that relationships with people and animals are essential to achieving personal fulfillment.

He urges others to enjoy the joy of pet ownership and loves the love and companionship that animals bring into their lives.

Relationships, whether with people or animals, in Lee’s opinion, have the potential to improve the world.

The Bottom Line

The Asher House is more than simply a house; it is a movement fueled by love, compassion, and the desire to improve animal welfare.

Lee Asher’s story is an example of the influence one person can have when they follow their passion, and it inspires animal lovers all over the world.

Lee Asher continues to raise awareness about animal rescue and adoption through his collaboration with groups like Best Friends Animal Society and his own experiences.

The Asher House is a ray of hope, showing us all that by working hard and with love, we can give animals in need a better future.

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