Sara Saffari (born on February 28, 2001) is a fitness influencer and YouTuber who rose to fame for her fit and muscular body features.

She is a current internet sensation who has managed to amass around 1.38 million subscribers.

So here in this article, we are going to discuss Sara Saffari and her early life, education, success story, relationship, boyfriend, parents, net worth, kids, etc.

Who is Sara Saffari?

Sara Saffari

Sara Saffari is a popular YouTuber and fitness influencer from the United States who rose to popularity by maintaining her physique in a really great manner.

She is a girl with an attractive six-pack and a high muscular body; thus, she has grasped the attention of millions of people.

Because it is not an easy job to maintain a perfect six-pack body, but she has been doing that for many years, Sara deserves all the love and care from the audience.

Presently, she is working in the gym, helping others get fit and chic, in addition to becoming a fashion and fitness influencer.

Currently, Sara Saffari is spreading fashion goals among the younger generation.

Early Life of Sara Saffari

Sara Saffari was born on February 28, 2001, in the Kentucky, USA, region; thus, her nationality belongs to the United States, and her ethnicity has roots in the USA as well.

The star sign of Sara is Pisces, and if we see the character traits of Pisces people, they will be more genuine, innovative, dreamy, ambitious, friendly, etc., and the good thing is, these traits are getting matched with Sara Saffari, surprisingly. Even the stars can easily detect the life of Sara.

Presently, we don’t have information about her parents; it is believed that Sara’s father is a truck driver and her mother is an English teacher. Sara is their only child.

Thus, she enjoys lots of pampering, and her parents allow Sara to pursue her dreams. She did her education at Adolfo Camarillo High School.

Sara Saffari Age

Sara Saffari is 22 years old as of 2023 and was born on February 28, 2001, in Kentucky. It has been eight months since she celebrated her birthday.

We hope that Sara has celebrated her birthday in a good manner. Our team wishes her a very great year ahead.

Sara Saffari Height and Weight

Sara Saffari

Sara Saffari’s height is 5 feet 5 inches and 165 cm, or 1.65 meters, and she weighs about 58 kg. She is a fitness freak; though she has a thin and slender body, she has a muscular body, so her weight climbs up accordingly.

Since she is a fitness freak, Sara knows all the nuances of maintaining her height and weight.

In addition to that, Sara is a very beautiful girl with a bright smile.

Sara Saffari Nationality

Sara Saffari is an American in terms of her nationality. She was born and brought up in the Kentucky region, and her ethnic and national roots are spread across the United States of America.

Sara Saffari Brother

Sara Saffari’s brother is Ali Saffari, and he is the younger brother of Sara. He is also a fitness freak, and he used to be active on Instagram. Sara always used to refer to Ali as her source of inspiration for her fitness journey.

Thus, Ali used to go to the gym every day to maintain his body, and he used to post the video on the internet.

Sara Saffari Journey to Success

Sara Saffari

Sara Saffari started her journey as a fitness student. Since high school, she has enrolled herself in many gym activities, and she used to play basketball, tennis, etc., so all her concentration was on doing exercises and maintaining a fit body.

Then, she participated in many fitness model fashion shows, which helped her attain fame. Then Sara utilized chance, and then she opened up a social media account on YouTube, where she used to upload her fitness tips, blogs, her friend’s videos, etc.

She joined the YouTube platform on April 2, 2022, and within a shorter period, Sara gained around 1.3 million followers.

  • Some of her popular videos are:
  • We are moving in together!

In addition to that, Sara Saffari is also working for a gym, where she used to train other people, give them nutrition advice, etc.

Sara Saffari Husband

Sara Saffari
Sara Saffari

Sara Saffari hasn’t gotten married yet, so she doesn’t have a husband. However, she is dating Bradley Martyn, who owns a gym named “Zoo Culture.”

She is working in Bradley’s gym. Both of them have been dating for many years, and Bradley is also a professional bodybuilder.

Bradley is also a famous social media content creator, where he has amassed around 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

Sara Saffari Kids

Sara Saffari doesn’t have kids for herself. Sara and Bradley are indeed in a relationship, but they don’t have any kids.

Thus, Sara still has years to become a mother. There may be a rumor spreading that Sara has a kid, but it is completely false. She doesn’t have any kids.

Sara Saffari Net Worth

Sara Saffari net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2023. She is a popular fashion influencer, a social media celebrity, and a fitness coach so she can earn lots of money.

In addition to that, the average salary of a fitness coach will be around $55,000 per year. Calculating those values and reaching one million net worth is not a tough task for Sara.

Moreover, her net worth for the year 2023 was $900,000 dollars, and her annual salary was $100,000 dollars.

Interesting Facts About Sara Saffari

  • Sara Safari, born on February 28, 2001, is a renowned American fitness influencer and YouTuber known for her fit and muscular physique.
  • She has garnered around 1.38 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and is an internet sensation, admired for her dedication to fitness.
  • Sara Saffari is an active YouTuber, fitness model, and fashion influencer who inspires many with her well-maintained physique.
  • Details about her parents are limited, but she is believed to be their only child and has been encouraged to pursue her dreams.
  • Sara completed her education at Adolfo Camarillo High School, where she likely began her fitness journey.
  • She stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall, with a weight of about 58 kg, maintaining her slender frame and muscular physique.
  • Sara is of American nationality, with her roots deeply connected to the United States.
  • She has a younger brother named Ali Saffari, who has also been a source of inspiration for her fitness journey.
  • Sara’s journey to success began in high school, where she actively participated in gym activities and sports, focusing on fitness.

Thus, we have seen the interesting biography details about Sara Saffari, and she is radiating all the woman’s goals and shattering the

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