Kristen Tomassi, who was born in 1952, is the ex-wife of billionaire Richard Branson, who runs the mighty Virgin Group.

Many spicy stories revolve around these two couples. Their couple swapping parties, children’s lives, everything gathered millions of eyes.

So here in this article, we are going to discuss such interesting incidents along with Kristen Tomassi’s husband, age, children, net worth, and many more details, so stay tuned until the end.

Who is Richard Branson’s ex-wife Kristen Tomassi?

Who is Richard Branson's ex-wife Kristen Tomassi?
Richard Branson’s ex-wife Kristen Tomassi

Kristen Tomassi is an architect, entrepreneur, NGO founder, and the ex-wife of the most prominent businessman, Richard Bradford.

She got married at 20, and due to her early marriage and some sexual problems between Richard and Kristen, the pair was forced to get divorced after spending 7 long years of marriage.

Moreover, Richard Branson is the founder of the biggest “Virgin Group,” so all his personal and business updates used to gain lots of attention, his divorce issue also spread like a forest fire, so the media shed light on Kristen.

Kristen is a more courageous person, so she forgot about her bitter past life and found her love life after divorce, and presently she is enjoying her life with her adorable grandchildren.

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Why is Kristen Tomassi Famous?

Richard Branson's ex-wife Kristen Tomassi
Richard Branson’s ex-wife Kristen Tomassi

Kirsten Tomassi is famous for being the ex-wife of the business giant Richard Branson.

Kristen has become a trending topic, just as the media has focused on the billionaire. Do you want to know what the trending news is regarding Kirsten?

The couple’s wrapping party, 1974!

During that period, the couple had lots of misunderstandings, so Richard and Kristen attended the couple’s wrapping party, where Kristen’s partner was Kevin Ayers.

Unfortunately, a 10-foot storm hit the party area; thankfully, Kristen and Richard were saved, but Kevin Ayers won the heart of Kristen during the saving moments of the storm.

This life incident of Kristen also made her famous.

Early Life of Kristen Tomassi

Kristen Tomassi, who was born in 1952, spent most of her childhood days in Southport, Connecticut.

Her parents’ names are Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jacqueline Joseph. Her father was an ambitious person who worked at the Libby International Company, which used to produce frozen and canned foods.

During those times, frozen foods gained more popularity, so Jospeh’s work was very much appreciated. Thus, Kristen Tomassi comes from an intellectual family.

Let us see about her ethnic details: she belongs to the white people’s ethnicity and American nationality.

Since childhood, Kristen has been very fond of drawing and designing; thus, she has designed her career in that stream.

So, she studied at Concord (Massachusetts) Academy. Then she completed her undergrad at Fairfield University, New York’s Parsons School of Design, and Arizona State University’s School of Architecture.

Kristen Tomassi Age

Kristen Tomassi’s age is 71 years old as of 2023, as she was born on August 10, 1952. She got married in 1972, and she was 20 years old when she got married.

It’s time for some extra general knowledge, and that is that our architect was born on August 10, right? Do you guys know the significance of this day? It’s World Biofuel Day!

Even her birthday holds significance, just like Kristen’s.

Kristen Tomassi Young

Kristen Tomassi was very young when she got married to her love of life. The younger version of Kristen has lots of dreams about her love life and professional life.

But she could successfully become a well-versed person by living her professional life alone.

The younger Kristen used to have lots of misunderstandings with her husband, and she couldn’t give him the optimum sexual pleasure during their relationship.

Thus, Kristen suffered a lot in her younger years, but she made efforts to make them her stepping stones.

Kristen Tomassi Marriage

Kristen Tomassi has been married three times; let us see about her marriage in a detailed manner.

First marriage

Kristen Tomassi’s first marriage was to the billionaire and business freak Richard Branson, who runs the “virgin business (Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic, etc.).

They got married on July 22, 1972, at Shipton Holy Cherwell Church in England.

However, the couple got divorced in 1979 due to misunderstandings and their sexual allergy problems.

Second marriage

Kristen Tomassi’s second marriage date was unknown, but she married Soft Machine fame singer Kevin Ayers.

They both met at a couple’s swapping party at Little Venice due to a misunderstanding with her first husband. Kristen found the eternal love and warmth of Kevin.

In the year 2018, Kevin Ayer died.

Third marriage

Kristen Tomassi’s third marriage might have happened in the year 2018 (May 27th) after the death of Kevin Ayers. She married a guy named Axel Dieter Ball.

On May 27, 2019, Axel and Kristen celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Kristen Tomassi Husband

Richard Branson's ex-wife Kristen Tomassi

Kristen Tomassi’s current husband’s name is Axel, and the pair got married in 2019 after the death of her second husband, Kevin.

Axel is Kristen’s German business partner, so they used to talk often, and at one point they decided to tie the knot. Now they are giving more old-age couple vibes.

The couple has a son named Nicholas Ball.

The couple has a daughter named Galen Ayers. Galen Ayers got married and now has her own children. Thus, Kristen is now the grandmother of two kids.

And here comes her billionaire husband, Richard, with whom she has lived only 7 years, and the pair don’t have any kids for themselves.

Kristen Tomassi Net Worth

Kristen Tomassi’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 million dollars in 2024. She is a successful architect and interior designer who has done many successful projects.

In addition to that, Kristen has also run many businesses. She is not the type of person who wants to acquire everything for herself; instead, she loves to donate money and services to needy people.

Thus, she has created an NGO named Ninos de las Galeras in the Dominican Republic, which was founded in 2013.

In addition to that, after divorcing her first husband, Richard, she might have gotten her alimony money as well; that money also might have contributed to her worth.

What does Kristen Tomassi do for a Living?

Kristen Tomassi is a talented and skilled architect who has been in the profession for nearly 60 years. It helped me earn more money.

Moreover, she is a very clever person, and she knows where to spend her hard-earned money, so she started businesses to multiply her net worth.

And her business went well as well, so she saved up the money and started an NGO. Presently, Kristen has retired from her profession but is making more money from her businesses and properties.

Facts about Kristen Tomassi

  • We can gain more information about Kristen Tomassi from her ex-husband Richard’s biography “Losing My Virginity: How I‘ve Survived”.
  • Earlier, Kristen had her own Instagram page, where she used to post her travel updates, but currently, her account is not active.
  • Kirsten is now enjoying her retirement with her husband, Axel. Recently, she went to Spain to enjoy her vacation.
  • Our architect’s daughter, Galan, is a famous musician who married a singer as well.
  • Kristen and her ex-husband, Richard, were separated because of their sexual allergies. Richard shared that when they had intercourse, he got allergies in his body.
  • She is a more ambitious person who has completed many buildings.

Final Thoughts

Though Kristen Tomassi rose to fame by being the ex-wife of Richard Branson, she has created her empire and molded her love life according to her wishes. don’t you guys think so? Comment on it.

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