Actress Bridget Hardy is a person who became very popular for being the girlfriend of the great American actor Jaleel White.

But she also tries her best to stand on her own two feet, and she is still trying even though she had a huge problem with her ex-boyfriend.

What happened to her? How has Bridget Hardy stolen the spotlight from her husband? And Bridget Hardy movies, husband, daughter, social media, Instagram, age, height, and net worth. This article answers all the questions.

Who is Actress Bridget Hardy?


Actress Bridget is a small American actress who has appeared in the Pirates of Penzance (2006) and some short movies.

But her real fame skyrocketed when the media let people know that Bridget Hardy was the girlfriend of the famous actor Jaleel White.

Their couple photos used to be trending on the internet, and we can see Bridget’s face in the gossip columns of magazines.

Thus, she has emerged as a popular celebrity partner.

What is Bridget Hardy Known For?

Bridget Hardy is known for being the ex-partner of the famous American actor Jaleel White.

Even though she has acted in a few movie projects, her real talent wasn’t portrayed in those movies, so her talent has yet to create her own identity.

Early Life Of Bridget Hardy

Bridget Hardy was born in 1981 in Marica, United States. But unfortunately, we couldn’t retrieve data about her parents.

Most celebrity parents’ information will be easily shared on the internet, but Bridget is a former small actress, so her more detailed information is unavailable.

In addition to that, Bridget is also the person who hides her very personal details from the eyes of the media to protect her family members from unwanted media rumors or controversies.

As usual in kids’ lives, Bridget also went to school and then entered the university to attain a degree.

Bridget Hardy Age

Bridget Hardy’s age is 42 as of 2023. However, her exact date of birth is not available to us; we have tried to collect the birth year of Bridget Hardy.

Bridget Hardy Height

Bridget Hardy’s height is 170 cm, 1.7 m, or 5 feet 7 inches. She has the perfect figure and height for becoming a heart-throbbing actress.

She also maintains her hourglass body, weighing around 64 kg or 141 lbs.

Bridget Hardy and Jaleel White

Bridget Hardy and Jaleel White were ex-partners in a relationship for only three years.

Both of them met at a mutual event, and they felt sparks and got into a relationship.

In those three years, both of them shared many ups and downs in their personal lives.

But as the years rolled on, the space between them got wider, and problems emerged every time. One such problem arose when Bridget was accused of extorting money from her actor boyfriend.

The reason behind the incident was not clearly stated, and Jaleel also decided to remain silent.

In that incident, Jaleel and Bridget were not seen together, indicating they were separated! And the pair didn’t extend their relationship into marriage.

Bridget Hardy Daughter

Bridget Hardy’s daughter’s name is Samaya White, and as the surname indicates, Samaya was born to Bridget and Jaleel in 2009.

After the separation of Bridget and Jaleel, Samaya is growing up with her father, and we can see her happy face of Samaya on her Instagram account of Jaleel.

Samaya is 14 years old as of 2023 and will be studying middle school.

Who is Bridget Hardy’s Ex-Boyfriend Jaleel White?

Bridget pics

Jaleel White, her ex-boyfriend, is a famous American actor known for his Family Matters series. His character, Steve Urkel, has eventually turned into an identity for Jaleel.

Because Steve Urkel’s character was very famous in the Family Matter series, and he played the role for nine years, to be precise, he lived in that character—his fame skyrocketed.

Then he got to act in movies like Big Fat Liar, Our Friend, Martin, Puff, Puff, Pass, Who Made the Potato Salad?, Kissing Cousins, Green Flash, and Call of the Wild.

Have you guys played the Sonic the Hedgehog game? Then do you watch those animated series about it?

If yes, the voice you heard for the Sonic Dog belonged to our Jaleel, and yes, he is also a voice actor.

Thus, Jaleel is also an entrepreneur who is running cannabis products. So, he is indeed an all-rounder.

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Bridget Hardy Movies

List of projects by Bridget Hardy:

  • HMS Pinafore (2001)
  • The Pirates of Penzance
  • Mikado, where she played the role of a schoolgirl.
  • Princess Ida (2003), where her character was a courtier girl.
  • Ruddigore (2005)
  • The Sorcerer

Bridget Hardy’s Net Worth

Bridget Hardy’s net worth is estimated at around $500,000 USD as of 2024.

Don’t be surprised if Hollywood offers an attractive salary to their actresses; thus, Bridget’s net worth value was closer to a half million dollars.

And her net worth value for the year 2023 was $400,000 USD, and her annual salary will be around $100, 000 USD.

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What Does Bridget Hardy Do For A Living?

Bridget Hardy’s present professional life is unknown, and it is still a mystery because she quit her acting career after doing only a few movies.

And after his separation from his ex-boyfriend, Bridget maintained a low profile and went out of the media spotlight.

Because Bridget was accused of her behavior, there may be a chance for her to quit her acting career.

The Bottom Line

Bridget Hardy may have risen to fame by being the girlfriend of the actor Jaleel White.

Still, she tried her very best to shine on her own, but unfortunately, she couldn’t shine in the Hollywood industry, and we hope Bridget may be living happily somewhere in America.

Let us know how you felt after completing this article. Our comment box is always open for you.

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