Dr. Trish Leigh is a cognitive neuroscientist who rose to fame with her Dr. Trish Leigh program and her clinic named Leigh Brain & Spine.

Currently, Trish is helping people to control their brains and make use of them to the maximum, as well as helping people to deal with their speech and porn addiction problems.

Hence, Trish is becoming more of a savior. So, let us see her biography in detail.

Who is Dr. Trish Leigh?

Dr. Trish Leigh
Dr. Trish Leigh

Dr. Trish Leigh is a certified neuroscientist and cognitive specialist who has created many revolutions in her medical field.

In addition, she is also a sexual addiction recovery coach, a neurofeedback practitioner, a brain coach, an educator, and a professor.

Trish could do multiple jobs as she gained more knowledge about the brain. Currently, she owns two clinics where she will help people deal with their brains.

And clinic deals with internet and porn deaddiction, which helps people come out of their problematic sexual behavior.

In addition to that, she also founded a non-profit organization and conducted classes to coach the people.

The most surprising part of Trish’s life is developing the brains of her five children by utilizing all her experience and knowledge. She became very successful at it. Then, it will be a great boon to the entire human community.

Dr. Trish Leigh Age

Dr. Trish Leigh

Dr. Trish Leigh age is approximately 50, and there are many chances that she was born on 13 May which might have been born in the late 1970s.

But we don’t have Trish’s exact age information with us. And we have calculated the data by analyzing her educational details and enrollment year.

If anyone knows about the exact date of birth details of Dr. Trish Leigh, kindly comment on it.

Dr. Trish Leigh Height & Weight

Dr. Trish Leigh height is about 5 feet, 4 inches, or 164 cm, or 1.64 meters, and she weighs about 56 kg or 123 lbs.

Our doctor always used to have her short haircut, which is blonde in color. In addition to that, she is wearing a spectacle to correct her vision.

She has a charming dimple, which looks captivating when she smiles. And she possesses a grey eye color.

Dr Trish Leigh Early Life

Dr. Trish Leigh was born on 13 May in the United States, so her nationality roots are based in the USA, and his ethnic roots are also spread across the same country.

Since childhood, Trish seemed to be a very bright academic student, so she used to get lots of good marks in her subjects.

Trish’s parents were very supportive of her dreams and ambitions. So she could attain more success in her professional and personal lives.

Dr. Trish Leigh Education

Dr. Trish Leigh educational details will be more attractive because the number of degrees she holds will surprise us! Let us know about it.

After completing her high school education, Trish got the opportunity to study medicine. But she neglected that chance to become a cognitive expert.

So, she chose to study for a Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology, and Trish looked for a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology.

Even after completing the master’s degree, Trish never stopped her studies. And I continued to study. And here are the extended educational details for Trish.

  • Ph.D. Communicative Disorders and Sciences
  • Ph.D. Track Cognitive Science
  • Master of Education, Educational Leadership

In addition to that, she has finished many certification courses like Tomatis Method Neuro-Modulation Sound Therapy Certification, Board Certification Neurofeedback, Sexual Addiction Recovery Coach Certification, etc.

Dr. Trish Leigh Career

Dr. Trish Leigh Husband

Dr. Trish Leigh started her career as a cognitive specialist, where her job was fixing people’s brains.

She will help people deal with their brain issues. Then, she started working for Chapel Hill Brain Centre, where Trish began to work as a clinical director.

Her main job is to treat ABHD children and adults struggling to deal with their learning challenges.

Then, she founded her clinic, known as Leigh Brain and Spine. In the year 2020, Trish became a talented neuro coach, helping people overcome anxiety, attention issues, and addiction issues.

Currently, her porn and internet addiction programs are going viral among her customers.

In addition, she is also a university professor who used to teach neuroscience subjects to students and took many classes and training programs to help people out there.

Moreover, she also runs a YouTube channel where she shares her knowledge with many people.

If you want to connect with her you can contact or email at [email protected].

Dr. Trish Leigh Husband & Child

Dr. Trish Leigh Daughter

Dr. Trish leigh husband name is Adriel. The pair used to be lovey-dovey in nature, as we can see many romantic photos of them on their Instagram page.

As a symbol of love, the couple has two kids: a boy named Declan and a daughter named Fiona.

The date of marriage for the couple is unknown, but by analyzing her son’s age, the couple seems to have been married for 20 years as of 2024.

In addition, Trish has been trying to develop the brains of five children. Trish is considering them as kids as well. So, on the whole, she has seven kids!

Dr. Trish Leigh Net worth

Dr. Trish Leigh

Dr. Trish Leigh has an estimated net worth is 5 million dollars as of 2024.

She is one of the greatest and best neuroscientists in the USA region, these types of scientists usually get lakhs of dollars as their salary, so her net worth of Trish is not a big surprise.

In addition, by saving up the money, Trish is also running three restaurants. Hence, it helped her become a millionaire.

If we look at Dr. Trish’s net worth for the year 2023, it was around 4 million dollars, so her annual salary is about 1 million dollars.


Have you heard of this quote? The brain is wider than the sky.

Dr. Trish Leigh is someone who is living by that quote and creating lots of brainy revolutions.

Don’t you guys think so? Comment on it.

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