Aaron Abke (Born on 30 March 1989) is the founder of 4D University and a distinctive spiritual teacher offering a novel approach to Metaphysics and Ontology.

In addition to that, Aaron is also a content creator who used to spread his spiritual knowledge to a wide range of people.

So here in this article, we are going to see the entire biography of Aaron Abke in a detailed manner.

Who is Aaron Abke?

Aaron Abke
Aaron Abke

Aaron Abke is a unique spiritual teacher who offers a fresh take on Metaphysics and Ontology. Also, he is the founder of 4D University.

He shares insights on the Law of One, A Course In Miracles, and Spiritual Intelligence, providing a new perspective on these teachings.

Being raised in a Christian ministry family, Aaron studied much about God and his advice to humans. And he liked that, and he wanted to take that path of becoming a ministry member.

After becoming a pastor, he felt that being a pastor wasn’t his cup of coffee because his religious beliefs about God seemed contradictory to his job, so he chose to leave his pastor job and become a full-time model and trainer.

Aaron’s perfect physique helped him land many modeling jobs. In the meantime, Aaron decided to involve himself in Buddhism and yoga practices, and he learned about meditation and became an awakened soul.

Recently, he witnessed Kundalini awakening the most incredible power one can get through meditation.

After feeling that power, Aaron decided to share all his experiences with all his fellow people; that’s how he became a spiritual teacher.

Early Life of Aaron Abke

Aaron Abke was born in Silicon Valley, California. So, his nationality belongs to the United States of America, and his ethnic roots are also spread across the USA.

Being born into the Pastor family, Aaron’s childhood days were filled with Jesus Christ and his principles.

His parent’s names are Bobby Abke and Linda Abke. His father was a pastor, and his mother was a homemaker. He also has a brother named Adam Abke.

Being inspired by his father, Aaron also wanted to become a pastor.

Aaron Abke Age

Aaron Abke is 35 as of 2024 because he was born on March 30, 1989. Within a few months, Aaron will attain the age of 35. However, some online sources state that Aaron was born in July 1990 and is only 34. Somehow, his actual age will be around 34 to 35.

Aaron Abke Height & Weight

Aaron Abke

Aaron Abke height is 6 feet or 182 cm, and he weighs about 75 kg or 185 lbs. As we mentioned, Aaron worked as a model, so he knows how to maintain his body.

In addition to that, Aaron has participated in many body-building competitions, so during that time, he put in so much weight to showcase his strong, muscular body.

But after engaging in yoga, Aaron started to maintain his normal-fit body.

He has black hair, and his black color matches his eyeballs.

Aaron Abke Educational Details

Aaron Abke is after completing high school, he decided to pick up a course that would aid in his pastoral career. So, he chose Oral Roberts University to undergo a music and theology course.

During that time, Aaron wasn’t much inclined towards yoga and Buddhism during college.

Aaron Abke Career

Aaron Abke
Aaron Abke

Aaron Abke started his career as a pastor, serving his ministry church in San Jose. But he served for only one year. Then he felt he had lost himself in religion, so Aaron decided to escape it.

In the year 2013, Aaron Abke was only 23. He was able to distinguish the things that were happening around him.

At that moment, he decided to desert everything, including his family and wife, and Aaron went on a quest to find his purpose in life.

He went to Oklahoma to undergo his quest, where he was more interested in learning about Eastern religion. And Aaron started to practice it, more specifically Buddhism.

In the year 2016, Aaron bounced back to his life. He chose a fitness career, and he got the chance to work as a physical trainer for the Google company.

Then he was selected as a model for the JE Model Management company, which motivated him to participate in Men’s Physique Bodybuilding, and Aaron has won multiple shows as well.

The following year, while meditating, Aaron found that he was spiritually awakened and had attained his enlightenment stage.

After learning much about spirituality, he shared his knowledge via YouTube videos. His spirituality-based videos received lots of appreciation.

So, Aaron resolved himself to become a spiritual teacher to help people in their own lives. And he did, and he has been conducting many programs and seminars to make that happen.

Aaron Abke Wife

Aaron Abke ex-wife's Sylina Abke
Aaron Abke ex-wife’s Sylina Abke

Aaron Abke ex-wife’s name is Sylina Abke, and she is a very sincere Christian devotee. And the pair got married on 11 March 2023. In their initial days of marriage, both felt optimum love and care for each other.

But things changed when Aaron deserted the Christian religion because his wife was very religious, whereas Aaron deserted Christianity.

The religious beliefs of both of them cracked their relationship. After some months of marriage, Aaron finally decided to leave his wife. Then, he didn’t get married to anyone.

Aaron Abke Net Worth

The net worth of Aaron Abke is around 1 million dollars as of 2024. He was able to acquire this amount from his multiple sources of income.

He possesses 2000,00,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel so he would get around 11000 dollars from his channel.

In addition to that, Aaron has published his books, and he is conducting many seminars and courses that help him earn lots of money as well.

Hence, Aaron became a millionaire at a very young age itself. If we see the net worth of Aaron Abke for the year 2023, it was 80000 dollars, so his annual salary is 20000 dollars.


You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you; none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your soul.

As per the quotes of Swami Vivekananda, Aaron Abke is the one who worked on himself a lot and attained enlightenment. His story of turning an average human into an awakened soul is inspiring.

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