Michael Reeves (born on November 20, 1997) is a prominent figure in the online world who has amazed his audiences as a Twitch broadcaster and YouTube sensation.

With an impressive 7 million followers on his YouTube channel, aptly named Michael Reeves, he has garnered widespread acclaim for his unique content.

Take a look below to read his biography.

Who is Michael Reeves?

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Michael Reeves is a Twitch broadcaster and YouTube star with about 7 million followers on his YouTube channel, Michael Reeves.

His YouTube videos focus primarily on developing robots, lasers, and other devices.

He has been combining his technological genius with his sense of humor to create his entertaining films, and people have responded positively to this novel notion.

Because technology is typically excessively complicated and, at times, boring to watch, Michael delivers his technological film intriguingly and engagingly.

He began uploading YouTube videos in 2017, but he does not upload 100 videos monthly, instead, he only posts 10 to 15 videos yearly!

He is also a well-known Twitch streamer with 1.25 million followers, where he shares his gaming tactics with his audience.

Is Michael Reeves an Engineer?

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Yes, Michael Reeves is an engineer who works with codes and machines; in short, he is a software engineer.

Michael worked as a software engineer at the University of Hawai’i Maui College (UHMC) for eight months in 2016.

Then he shifted to Northern Arizona University as the head of software development. After working in that job for 8 months, he started working for the Agricultural Department as a software developer at UHMC.

Is Michael Reeves still Alive?

Yes, Michael Reeves is alive, but we can see a cervical collar on his neck to limit his movements.

His neck injury made everyone look after his health, and even rumors spread that Michael had died.

But the real truth is that Michael is alive and healthy now, and during the shower, Michael had a slipped neck disc, so his doctor advised him to wear the neck collar.

This news was also confirmed by his girlfriend, Lilly Pichu.

Early Life of Michael Reeves

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Michael Reeves was born on November 20, 1997, in Maui, Hawaii, U.S. Since childhood, Michael has been more inclined towards learning codes and machines.

And spent most of his time learning codes; thus, his early childhood revolved mostly around his room’s four walls.

Michael Reeves Age

Michael Reeves is 26 years old as of 2023, born November 20, 1997. And he has yet to celebrate his birthday for the year 2024.

And our team wishes him a very successful and healthy year ahead.

Michael Reeves Ethnicity

Michael Reeves was born in the United States to an American father and a Filipino mother.

As a result, he has ancestral ties to the United States and the Philippines.

We don’t know their parent’s names because Michael looked very secretive; we couldn’t locate any information about his parents on his Instagram account.

When is Michael Reeves’ Birthday?

Michael Reeves’s birthday is November 20, 1997. Yes, it is the day the world celebrates as Children’s Day.

Did Michael Reeves go to college?

Yes, Michael Reeves attended Northern Arizona University after high school.

However, there is no information about his graduation course details; we guess he might have chosen some degree related to coding since he is very interested in it.

What is Michael Reeves Height?

Reeves is about 5 feet 4 inches tall which means 162 cm, or 1.62 m, and weighs about 58 kg, or 127 lbs.

Michael Reeves has a nice face; does anyone else suspect that he looks like a lighter version of Harry Potter when he wears his spectacles?

Doesn’t he resemble him?

Michael Reeves Girlfriend

Michael Reeves im
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Michael Reeves is dating her girlfriend LilyPichu who is a popular internet personality. And Lilypichu’s real name is Lily Ki.

Michael Reeves and Lily Pichu

Michael Reeves and Lily Pichu are in a relationship and have been dating since 2021.

Lily Pichu is a musician, voice actress, and animator, and she is also one of the founders of the offline Twitch streamers group with 2 million followers.

Both Lily and Reeves are in a group called “Offline TV.”

When did Michael Reeves and Lily Pichu start dating?

Michael Reeves and Lily Pichu started dating in 2021 after Lily broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Albert Chang.

Since then, they have lived in the town as a lovely and trending couple.

Are Michael Reeves and Lily Pichu still Dating?

Yes, both Michael and Lily Pichu are still happily dating. Their offline TV group used to stay together as roommates in one apartment.

But recently, all the group members decided to stay in their apartments and concentrate more on their work. Thus, Michael and Lily have also decided to live separately.

So, a rumor is spreading that both of them are nearing breaking up their relationship, which is why they live in separate houses.

But it was just a mere rumor, and Lily Pichu reassured her fans by saying they are still dating happily.

And here is her statement about the rumor:

“I’m tired of explaining it,” she began. “We’re living separately. We just are. Everyone is living separately.

There’s no deep reason. I don’t need people saying, ‘Oh, you guys are breaking up.’ It’s incredibly annoying.”

Michael Reeves Net Worth

Michael Reeves estimated net worth is $3 million as of 2024. He is a professional software developer and everyone knows he has a software development company.

Normally, software professionals earn millions of dollars annually, but Michael owes that company—imagine his annual revenue.

He earns between $72,000 and $965,000 per year from YouTube alone.

His YouTube sponsors are Honey, Amazon Prime, Rayson, and Skillshare.

Because these are all large corporations, he will receive a sizable sum from his sponsors.

As a result, his annual compensation will be greater than $100,000.

Michael Reeves and William Osman

Michael Reeves and William Osman are very good friends; both are famous YouTubers who used to collaborate many times.

And in 2019, William Osman’s house was burned down in a wildfire, so William, his wife Chesley, and Michael lived under the same roof for over a year.

Then Michael and William became members of an offline TV group, where they used to stay together. But after the separation of the group, everyone decided to live separately.

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Michael Reeves and Pokimane

Michael Reeves and Pokimane used to share a very friendly bond. Pokimane used to review the videos of Michael Reeves, and she was also part of the offline TV.

So, they used to stay under the same roof but now decided to stay in their apartments.

Michael Reeves vs Graham Stephan

Michael Reeves and Graham Stephan competed in a charity boxing tournament, and Michael Reeves fought well and advanced to the second round.

There he won a TKO victory in his second round. Thus, Michael Reeves won finance creator Graham Stephen’s but thanks to all his prior training before the match,

Does Michael Reeves Stream?

Yes, Michael Reeves used to stream on his Twitch channel, but recently he has not streamed frequently on his channel.

In 2020, Michael will start his Twitch channel, where he used to play games.

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 Why did Michael Reeves Sell Everything?

Michael Reeves bought so many Simon properties, and recently he sold off his properties because the biggest Chinese housing market firm went bankrupt.

Michael feared the company’s downfall might affect his other properties in a chain reaction. In addition to that, the Russian-Ukrainian war issue also made an impact.

That’s why he sold everything.

How does Michael Reeves Learn to Code?

Michael Reeves is a computer genius who learned all the codes independently. He is a self-taught genius.

Most of the time, Michael shared that he learned coding by watching the Indian YouTube programming channel.


Thus, we have explained all the details about YouTuber Michael Reeves.

Even though he reached such a phenomenal position in life, he seemed to be a very grounded person with supreme talents. In this way, Michael Reynolds is such an inspiration to the youngsters.

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