Zechariah Lord (born on 11 March 1976) is a very famous former football player who used to play as a wide receiver.

After his retirement, Zechariah became the chief marketing officer of Jardin Dispensary in Las Vegas. His story of becoming a footballer and a businessman is indeed inspiring.

So here in this article, we are going to explain his age, height, wife, business, net worth, and educational details thoroughly.

Who is Zechariah Lord?

Zechariah Lord

Zechariah Lord is a former football player who played for the Detroit Fury, Chicago Enforcers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, and many more football teams.

He started his football career as a free agent, and then he got drafted by NFL teams. Zachariah also played for the Arena Football League.

After he lost some opportunities in his football career, Zechariah decided to come out of it respectfully.

Then, he met his lawyer regarding opening a business based on cannabis. As his lawyer friend held the license for it, he could open the cannabis business more efficiently and legally.

Zechariah put so much effort into it, and he is reaping benefits from his business.

But in a recent interview, he expressed his sadness about leaving football so early. He also added that Zechariah is content with his simple life with his wife and kids.

Zechariah Lord Age

Zechariah Lord is 48 as of 2024 because he was born on March 11, 1976. Within a few months, Zechariah is going to reach his 48th birthday.

We hope he will lead a happy and healthy life in the coming years as well. So if you are a big fan of him, then what are you waiting for? Use the comment section to pour love!

Zechariah Lord Early Life

Zechariah Lord was born on March 11, 1976, in Greenwich, Connecticut. So, his nationality belongs to the USA. His ethnic roots are spread across Jamacia because his family is from Jamacia, and for their business, the family came to the USA.

He is from an elementary family background. During his childhood days, Zechariah used to play soccer and basketball on his streets.

He didn’t have any idea about playing on the national football team and all that. He studied at a small school named Brunswick Prep in Connecticut.

His mother used to come to pick up Zechariah from his school, and at that time, Zechariah’s coach advised his mother to play football.

Without knowing anything, his mother joined Zechariah Lord’s football team.

And even Zechariah found it cool to play football games, so he started to play football.

Zechariah Lord Height

Zechariah Lord’s height is 6 feet 3 inches, 191 cm, or 1.91 meters, and he weighs around 210 lb, or 95 kg.

He is a sports star, so he knew about the importance of being a fit person, so Zechariah is more for his age.

In addition to that, he has a solid and muscular body, as he is Jamaican by birth. Zechariah has a black complexion with wide lips and black, confident eyes.

Zechariah Lord Early Football Career

Zechariah Lord career

Zechariah Lord started to play religiously in his high school days, and he reached the top rankings.

After schooling, most sports players used to get scholarships for studying at the university, and in turn, the players would play for that college team.

In that case, Zechariah got lots of good opportunities from excellent colleges, but he was baffled about which to choose. I finally decided to study and play for Guilford (NC) College in 1994.

In that college, Zechariah became the first player in conference history to receive all-conference honors four years in a row.

Zechariah Lord Career

Zechariah Lord is a very talented football player, so he got the chance to enter the NFL football league as a free agent in 1998.

At that time, he signed to play for the Washington Redskins team. The following year, Lord was released from that team, and in the year 2000, Lord signed for the Green Bay Packers team.

Then, in 2001, Lord played for the Chicago Enforcers team and got drafted. Then, after that, Zechariah got the chance to play in the Area Football League as well.

Then, due to a lack of opportunities in football, Zechariah announced his retirement and started his own business.

It is a cannabis business, and he is currently serving as the chief marketing officer for Jardin Dispensary.

Zechariah Lord Wife

Zechariah Lord wife

Zechariah Lord’s wife’s name is not available with us because he was a famous football player 20 years ago, so there weren’t any latest updates about him and his wives.

In addition to that, Zechariah Lord is not present on Instagram or other social media accounts, so we couldn’t extract more information about him.

But in an interview, Zechariah mentioned that he is living happily with his wife and two kids. So, he is a married man and a father!

Zechariah Lord Net Worth

The net worth of Zechariah Lord is 2 million dollars as of 2024. Most football players used to get outstanding salaries, so Zechariah also got attractive money from his football matches.

Even now, he owns a cannabis company, and even though it is a controversial business, it will help us reap lots and lots of money, so it is no surprise that Zechariah is a millionaire even after his retirement.

If we were to calculate the net worth of Zechariah Lord for the year 2023, it would be around 1.5 million dollars. So, his annual salary is $50,000.

He is active on his LinkedIn profile.


Thereby, we have seen the ups and downs of the former football player Zechariah Lord.

Usually, after they retire from sports, most of them will suffer financially. However, Zechariah Lord cleverly shifted his career smoothly.

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