Will.i.am, the multi-talented artist, producer, and entrepreneur, is known for his successful career in music, fashion, and technology.

But, who are the people behind the star?

Will.i.am grew up in a large family, and while he is protective of his siblings and doesn’t speak about them often, we know that he has an older brother, Carl Gilliam, and four adopted siblings.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Will.i.am’s siblings, including his older brother Carl, and uncover what we know about his family.

Who are Will.i.am Siblings?

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Will.i.am has seven siblings, three biological and four adopted. His mother, Debra Cain adopted two children when Will.i.am was just 10 years old.

And soon after a few years, she added two more children by adopting them. Thus, she totals adopted four children, and it’s known whether his adopted siblings were boys or girls.

Aside from his adopted siblings, Will.i.am has three biological siblings, including a brother named Carl Gillam and two unknown siblings.

Who are Will.i.am Sisters?

Will.i.am has a total of seven siblings, in which he has two adopted sisters who were babies when they were taken by Will’s mother.

Besides this, he has two unknown biological siblings, from which they could be any sister.

Will i.am. the family seems so secretive that they have not even disclosed the information of Will’s brothers and sisters.

According to an interview with The Guardian, Will.i.am stated,

“My mom is the most awesome woman.

She raised us all by herself. I have two brothers and a sister, and my mom adopted two other girls when they were infants, then she more recently adopted two other boys who are six and seven years old.”

Who are Will.i.am Brothers?

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As we informed above, Will.i.am has a total of seven siblings, and from them, he has three brothers, two adopted and one biological.

Besides this, he has two more biological siblings, whose gender is yet to be identified. Thus, we can neither count them in his brother list nor his sister list.

However, this is confirmed that Will.i.am has three brothers, including his one biological brother named Carl Gillam.

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Will.i.am Brother Carl Gillam

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Will.i.am’s older brother, Carl Gilliam, is known to be close to his famous younger brother.

He is four years older than Will.i.am, whom he affectionately calls ‘Willie’, and the two were best friends while growing up.

Unfortunately, Carl’s life took a different path and he was imprisoned in 2005 for spousal battery.

He has since reformed and is working as a barber and youth counselor.

After serving his sentence, Carl Gilliam, Will.i.am’s older brother, worked as both a barber and a youth counselor.

With the help of his brother, he was able to put his past behind him and establish a successful career.

In 2015, Will.i.am and Carl teamed up to create a footwear brand called MCCVII, which was named after the childhood home they shared, 1208 Glenfield Heights.

The name MCCVII is pronounced ‘twelve-oh-eight’ as a reference to their childhood home.

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Will.i.am Family

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Overall, Will.i.am has a big family where he has his parents along with his seven siblings, including three biological and four adopted siblings.

Will.i.am is known to be protective of his family and rarely speaks about them publicly.

The only known sibling is his older brother Carl Gilliam, as Will.i.am has not shared much information about his other siblings.

However, in an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Will.i.am did briefly mention his sister, saying

“I wanted to cry because my sister works at Walmart and she stocks,” and expressed concern about her job posing a risk for COVID-19.

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