Are you the person who has developed more eagerness to know about the horrific murder stories?

Then can you remember the unsolved mystery murder case of the 6-year-old beauty pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey and her older brother Burke Ramsey?

It has been 27 years since the case remained unsolved, and still, people suspect Jon’s elder brother as a prime suspect at the murder scene.

But why?

What happened to Burke after the murder incident, and what is he currently doing? All the interesting information is loaded here in this article.

Who is Burke Ramsey?


Burke Ramsey was the prime suspect in the historical murder crime scene in Colorado in 1996. He is the elder brother of the 6-year-old little girl JonBenet who got murdered in her house.

The murder case of JonBenet is still a mystery for the American police officer.

Still, at that time, everyone suspected Jon’s biological brother Burke as the suspect for killing her, as they couldn’t find any evidence of her death.

That time, JonBenet was strangled to death by a nylon cord while her hands were tied up with her mouth pasted in duct tape.

But whether a 9-year-old boy can do these immoral and brutal things to his sister?

Why He Rose to Prominence?

Still today, Burke Ramsay is considered the person who killed his sister, but the truth is that the allegations against Burke were solved years ago as the police officials couldn’t find any evidence for them.

Many documentaries and CBS shows have been recorded based on this murder scene.

Recently, Burke Ramsay’s name has again become popular on the internet.

Because, after many long years, Burke made a public appearance on the Dr. Phil show, where he answered the many unsolved queries of the people.

Where is Burke Ramsey Now?


Burke Ramsey remained behind the media spotlight after the many harsh treatments of the public, and he chose to lead a very peaceful life.

Because channels like Discovery Plus and CBS have taken the documentary based on the murder of Jon.

Still, even then, the shows portrayed Burke as a prime suspect.

Thus it led Burke to be a globally known person, but sadly not in a good way but in a bad way, as the murderer of his sister.

Even though he filed a defamation case against many media outlets and television networks, it didn’t satisfy him.

After many long years, he appeared on the Dr. Phil show in 2016, where Burke spilled the beans to the general public.

Then, in 2017, Burke again appeared in the Discovery Channel’s The Case of Jon Benét Ramsey program, where he was interviewed about his sister’s murder case.

That was his last public appearance; there wasn’t any information about him after that.

Where is Burke Ramsey Living Now?

burke-ramsey and her sister

Burke Ramsay maintained a very low-key profile after multiple harsh allegations against him related to her sister’s murder story.

He belongs to the Colorado region, but after the death of Jon, the whole Ramsey family moved to Atlanta after a few years to start a new life.

Moreover, Burke Ramsey’s parents also have another home in Michigan.

But there is no exact information on where Burke Ramsey is; he is a 36-year-old man who is working as a software engineer at WFH. So, he may currently reside in Atlanta or Michigan.

If not, there are chances that he lives away from his family as well.

What is Burke Ramsey Doing These Days?

burke-ramsey family

Burke Ramsey is quite successful in his professional and personal life. He has completed a graduate degree at Purdue University and is a software engineer.

Due to his childhood trauma and all the problems, he chooses to work from home to avoid all the unnecessary problems and hatred from outsiders.

Bottom Line

From all the above discussions, we can clearly say that Burke Ramsey is a person who has been affected by the death of his sister.

Even though the case has not been resolved till today, it is not a good way to accuse him of being a murderer at the scene.

All those accusations have traumatized him, so it’s time to forget his past and focus on his future.

Don’t you guys think so? Comment on it.

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