Shannon Keller Rollins (born on 15 January 1982) is an American chef and the wife of the renowned cowboy celebrity chef Kent Rollins.

She gained recognition for her association with Kent, who made a name for himself through appearances on various television food shows.

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Who is Kent Rollins’ Wife Shannon Keller Rollins?

Shannon Keller Rollins
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Shannon Keller Rollins is the wife of the famous cowboy celebrity chef Kent Rollins. She rose to fame by being the wife of a celebrity chef.

Kent used to appear on many television food shows for CBS and NBC and even participated in the famous cutthroat competition, which won the hearts of many people.

Shannon used to be the person who sat in the audience and cheered for his husband, so the public got to know about Shannon.

Like her husband, Shannon is also a professional chef who earned her culinary arts diploma; southern dishes are her signature dishes.

Early Life of Shannon Keller Rollins

Shannon Keller Rollins was born on 15 January 1982 in Portland, Oregon.

We guess that Shannon had a great interest in cooking, so she decided to do a diploma in culinary arts.

In addition to that, Shannon has also completed her communication graduation degree at the University of Portland.

Shannon Keller Rollins Age

Shannon Keller Rollins is currently 42 years old as of 2024 because she was welcomed into this world on 15 January 1982.

She has achieved a lot at this age because of her successful husband.

Shannon Keller Rollins Age Difference

Shannon Keller Rollins and her husband Kent’s age difference is a popular gossip topic in the entertainment industry because the age difference is 26 years.

Yes! Shannon is 26 years younger than her husband, Kent. Aren’t they the perfect example of the statement “Love has no bars!”?

Kent and Shannon Rollins Relationship

Shannon Keller Rollins
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Kent and Shannon met at a cowboy poetry gathering in Nevada. Shannon was employed as the store manager in that gathering, and both started their relationship for professional talks only.

Kent inspired Shannon, so she loved to have conversations with him.

Then, when Shannon joined the Red River Ranch Chuck Waggon Cooking School for her diploma, their relationship got stronger, leading them to develop feelings for themselves.

After finishing her degree, Shannon and Kent started dating, and in August 2011, both tied their wedding knots and officially became husband and wife.

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The Bottom Line

Shannon Keller Rollins is a woman who stays away from the limelight of the world and is the luckiest woman for whom the universe helped her marry her inspiration, Kent.

So now both Shannon Keller Rollins and Kent Rollins are busy making breathtaking dishes.

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