Sandra Bennett (born on 14 July 1970) is a host of the popular marketing television network QVC.

She has been working with QVC since 2006. She used to host many electronic shows, including a weekly gardening show, and every one of us has seen her along with another famous host, Susan Grover.

Let’s read Sandra Bennett’s biography and success story.

Who is Sandra Bennett?

Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett is the host of the QVC network, and she has been working there for more than 15 years continuously.

Her hosting style on QVC shows won the hearts of millions of people.

Before becoming a host, Sandra worked as a TV reporter, news reader, and freelance writer, and finally, she got selected for the QVC show.

She is more specialized in hosting all types of electronics and beauty products. Sandra’s love for plants is something very special, and that can be seen in the show In Garden with Sandra.

One of Sandra’s elegant and grounded character traits is her love to meet entrepreneurs and study their struggles in making the product.

By doing so, she can convey the hardships of making a product, which will encourage customers to buy the products she hosts.

Other than hosting, Sandra loves to travel and spend time with her family members.

 Sandra Bennett Age

Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett’s age is 54 as of 2024 because she was born on July 14, 1970.

If we look at Sandra’s physical appearance, no one can say that she is in her 50s because her super slim and young body shows that age is just a number for Sandra Bennett.

In 4 months, Sandra is going to celebrate her 54th birthday surrounded by her whole family.

Early Life of Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett was born in California, in the United States of America. So, she possesses American nationality, and her ethnic roots are spread across the USA.

Sandra’s father is a military person, so he used to travel to places due to his army position. So Sandra has had to travel a lot since childhood.

Our QVC host has four siblings, and here the interesting part is that all four siblings were born in different places as their father used to relocate for military purposes.

Sandra is a family girl who used to spend her time with her family, so her Instagram feed is filled with family members and friends. But we couldn’t get her parents’ names.

But Sandra has her grandmother even now. Sandra celebrated her grandma’s 102nd birthday simply.

Isn’t it great that her grandmother has been living healthily for 102 years, and she is a lady who belongs to the 19th century?

Sandra Bennett Educational details

Sandra Bennett studied at the University of Pittsburgh in 1995. She chose English literature and communications as her graduation stream.

Since she loved to travel and host shows for people,

Sandra Bennett Height

Sandra Bennett’s height is 5 feet, 5 inches, or 166 cm, or 1.66 meters, and she weighs about 54 kg or 119 lbs.

She has maintained a super-slim body for many years, all thanks to her supreme food diet and regular workout sessions.

And Sandra possesses very beautiful facial features and sculpted facial and body structures.

She has a shoulder-level hairstyle that is brownish.

Sandra Bennett Career

Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett started her career as a reporter for a Harrisburg channel, and she also worked as a news reader for 12 years because she got the job as soon as she finished her graduation so that Snadra could work as a television reporter for 12 years.

After that, Sandra became a freelance writer, where she used to write blog articles and books.

She has written seven books for her clients. Then Sandra wanted to go back to her television job.

Sandra Bennett QVC

At that time, QVC organized an audition for their show, and in the audition, Sandra nailed her performance, so her offer letter was handed over to her immediately.

Then, in 2006, she joined after six months of training. Then Sandra started her full-time job at QVC.

Sandra developed the habit of analyzing the products that were going to be hosted, and she used to talk to that business personality to understand the true benefits of a product.

Her way of hosting helped people learn more about the product, and the sales rate increased significantly.

Sandra has more shows at QVC; she hosts electronic products and beauty products.

In addition to that, she hosts a weekly gardening show called “In Gardens with Sandra,” and she also co-hosts a Sunday show with another famous host, Susan Grover.

Sandra Bennett Husband

Sandra Bennett family

Sandra Bennett’s husband’s name is Adam, and the pair got married in 2009.

During the dating period of the couple, they planned to adopt a girl baby from Asia, named her Ava, and started to treat her as their daughter.

And as soon as they got married, the pair welcomed their biological daughter, Claire.

In addition to that, Sandra is an ardent pet lover as well, so she is the mother of 2 dogs, two rabbits, and two little human things (well, they have grown up now, but for a mother, their kids are always babies to them, right?).

Sandra Bennett Net Worth

Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett’s net worth is $5 million as of 2024. She has been working with QVC for 18 years.

The average salary of QVC hosts is 500000 dollars per year, and Sandra is a more experienced host, so she will get even higher wages. So Sandra Bennett is a self-made millionaire.

If we see Sandra Bennett’s net worth for the year 2023, it is around 4 million dollars. Therefore, Sandra’s annual salary is 1 million dollars.

Sandra Bennett Social Media

Sandra Bennett is active on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more, where she has posted many pictures and videos throughout her professional and personal life.


We have seen the biography details of Sandra Bennette in a detailed manner. Do you like the shows with our QVC star, Sandra? Comment with your views on it.

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