Robert Edward Grant (Born on 17 May 1969) is a great mathematician, scholar, entrepreneur, and author whose books used to sell millions of copies.

Robert Edward Grant is married to a beautiful wife Suzi Grant and they have two daughters Sophia and Isabella.

So here in this article, we will see this great personality’s life biography. Let us dive into the life of a scholar.

Who is Robert Edward Grant?

Robert Edward Grant
Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward Grant is a very popular entrepreneur, author, mathematician, inventor, and scholar who has helped many corporations bloom because of his ideas.

Among the many companies, Crown Sterling and Alphaeon are the most famous. He is the host of a television series on Giai called Codex.

And Robert is more famous for his best-selling book, Philomath, where he made excellent work by combining math, the arts, and philosophy.

He has also served as manager and board member for many recognized organizations and great educational universities.

Moreover, Edward is more interested in the arts, so he also learned that and became a professional. So, he is a great musician and sculptor.

Robert Edward Grant Age

The age of Robert Edward Grant is 55 as of 2024, as he was born on May 17, 1969. Within these 55 years of life on this earth, Robert has achieved many things.

The 55 years of life couldn’t tell the achievements he made and the contributions Edward made to this world.

Within 4 months, he is going to celebrate his 55th birthday. We wish this year to bring more happiness and a healthy life to him.

Robert Edward Grant Height & Weight

Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward height is 5 feet, 8 inches, or 172 cm, or 1.72 lbs, and he weighs about 75 kg or 165 lbs.

He has the most appealing face, which radiates more positivity to everyone. Edward always used to have a bright smile on his face.

Edward has a professional haircut, and his hair is a mixture of black and brown.

Moreover, he has small lips and grey eyes with great visionary power for his future.

Early Life of Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward Grant was born in Maine, United States of America. His nationality is rooted in the USA, and his ethnic roots are also based in the USA.

Since childhood, he has developed a love for math, so he started to analyze many mathematical equations at a very young age, and his parents also helped him achieve his goals.

Edward is a person who wants to educate the people around him with his knowledge and experience.

Even in his interviews or podcasts, he won’t waste his time by introducing his family or parents or talking about his personal life. Hence, we couldn’t find the details about his family.

Educational Details

After completing his higher education, Robert Edward Grant chose to study a different course named “Korean and International Relations” at Brigham Young University, and he completed his undergrad in 1994.

Then he studied MBA at Thunderbird School of Management, where he chose international finance and completed it in 1998.

In 2009, Robert studied a president’s program at Harvard Business School.

Robert Edward Grant Career

Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward started his career as a general manager at a Sulzer company in 1995. Then, in 1997, Robert worked as a global president and executive vice president for Lumenis.

Robert became chairman, CEO, and president of Biolase Technology.

Then, Robert was more aligned with surgical departments, so he worked as a CEO and president for Bausch and Lomb. It is the best ophthalmic company in the world.

After collecting all the experiences, Robert Edward decided to launch his equity firm in healthcare technology, Strathspey Crown Holdings.

It was successfully opened in 2012. In the meantime, Robert co-founded another company named Alphaeon Credit.

Even that is also a lifestyle healthcare company. Then, the following year, he founded the AEON biopharma company.

After that, in the year 2021, Robert Edward founded the Ceyeber Company, which deals with advanced implantable smart lens cybernetics.

Robert Edward Grant has a massive fan following on his Instagram more than 470k followers.

Robert Edward Grant Inventions

Robert Edward Grant is the holder of many intellectual properties in the areas of DNA and phenotypic expression, human cybernetic implantology, biophotonics, and electromagnetism.

In the field of math, Robert is the one who made lots of discoveries related to quasi-prime numbers and the world’s first predictive algorithm for discovering infinite prime numbers, as well as a wave-based theory that connects and correlates important mathematical constants like Pi, Euler, Alpha, Gamma, and Phi.

Robert Edward Grant Books

Robert Edward is also very famous for his books, so let us know about the information about his books.

  • PHILOMATH explores the geometric unification of science and art through numbers.
  • POLYMATH discusses the Aquarian Enlightenment and the role of polymaths in solving complex problems.
  • NEUROMINED examines the challenges and opportunities of technological tyranny and human potential.

Robert Edward Grant Wife and Daughters

Robert Edward Grant

Robert Edward Grant wife name is Suzi Grant, she is also a great artist and mathematician, similar to Robert.

Suzi used to appear along with Robert in many podcasts and interviews, where she would also explain the discovery of Robert.

It clearly shows that both Robert and Suzi are jointly discovering many things in the field of math.

There is not much information about their wedding dates or first meeting, but we guess that Robert might have met Suzi during his work meetings, as both of them are mathematicians.

Robert Edward is blessed with daughters Sophia and Isabella as a symbol of their eternal love. Currently, Robert and Suzi are living with their second daughter.

Robert Edward Grant Net Worth

Robert Edward Grant has an estimated net worth is 5 million dollars as of 2024. He is the founder of four companies, and all his companies are running successfully, helping him to reap many profits.

In addition, Robert possesses more patents, so to use them, people have to pay for them, so he even gets an attractive salary from them.

One part of his net worth is due to his books. All three of Robert’s books have emerged as the best-selling ones in the world.

So, he will be making more money from his books, and Robert is giving lots of interviews and attending many podcast programs, even though that adds to his net worth.

And if we see the net worth of Robert for the year 2023, it was around 4 million dollars, which denotes that his annual income is 1 million dollars.


“The Codes of Creation are the language of the universe, and they are hidden in plain sight for all to see.”

These are the lines from the great mathematician Robert Edward Grant. Robert saw the hidden knowledge of everything in this world so he could make excellent creations for this human community.

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