Phillip Watson, who was born in the 1960s, is a QVC host who used to do shows on horticulture and garden design.

He is a famous gardener in the United States of America; he used to render his gardening services to top celebrities as well. Hence, he has appeared in many journals and magazines.

So here in this article, we are going to explain Phillip Watson’s age, height, early life, career, wife, personal life, and net worth.

Who is Phillip Watson?

Phillip Watson

Phillip Watson is a certified horticulturist and gardening designer who used to appear on the QVC air plant shows along with Robert.

His QVC Gardening on Air program is a viral show where Phillip used to share his gardening experience and knowledge about plants with a broad audience.

In addition to that, Phillip also uses knowledge to breed many new plants, and he used to introduce those plants in his shows.

He has a wide range of knowledge ranging from annuals to tropicals, the finest edibles, and many new hybrid perennials.

Moreover, Phillip is also a book author who released a book named Pleasure Gardens. The book has gathered the attention of many plant lovers as well.

Thereby, Phillip Watson is a person who loved plants and gardening so much that he developed his passion for his career and put lots of effort into it. Currently, he is the most excellent achiever in this field.

Phillip Watson Age

Phillip Watson

Phillip Watson age is around 65 as of 2024. Currently, we don’t have exact data about his birthday or birthday year.

We could see Phillip attending many birthday parties and arranging many parties, but he didn’t reveal his original date of birth to his audience.

But by judging his appearance and his older photos, we concluded that Phillip Watson is in his 60s.

Early Life of Phillip Watson

Phillip Watson mother
Phillip Watson Mother

Phillip Watson was born and brought up in the Mississippi region, so his nationality roots are based in the United States, and if we look at his ethnic roots, they are rooted in the USA only.

He belongs to a small family that contains his parents and a sister. We were able to see his smaller family photo on his Instagram profile.

But their names weren’t available to us. But all four family members shared a close and thick bond.

When Phillip Watson was a small kid, he used to spend most of his leisure time at his great-aunt’s farmhouse.

That is the place where Phillip developed a lot of interest in plants and gardening because he used to help his aunt with her gardening work.

At a very young age, Phillip started to learn about plants and how to grow them ideally.

Phillip Watson Height & Weight

Phillip Watson

Phillip Watson height is 5 feet, 8 inches, 172 cm, or 1.72 meters, and he weighs around 70 kg or 165 lbs.

He is a gardener, and he has to do all the groundwork for planting any type of plant that requires lots of muscle energy and a strong body.

And Phillip possesses that strong, muscular body, all thanks to his gardening work.

Phillip Watson Educational Details

After finishing high school, Phillip Watson joined a professional graduation degree because his father forced him to do a professional course.

But Phillip secretly took his horticulture course from his father.

And finally, he finished his horticulture course in a secret mode alone.

Phillip Watson QVC Career

Phillip Watson

Phillip Watson started his career as a horticulture specialist for many companies and celebrities.

Then, he caught the opportunity to participate in the QVC shows. In QVC, there are so many shows, and gardening is one of them.

Phillip used to talk about different plants and taught people how to water them, the type of fertilizer to use, etc.

In addition to that, Phillip also shares his gardening tips and strategies for healthy plants.

Moreover, Phillip was also more into breeding plants, so he used to breed more unique plants and produce new ones, and he used to sell those breeds of plants on the QVC show.

In addition to that, Phillip used to be on the jury for many flower shows happening around the world.

Hence, by gathering up all the knowledge, Phillip wrote a book named Pleasure Gardens. That book is considered to be the best horticulture book in the USA.

Phillip Watson Wife

Phillip Watson

Phillip Watson is a married man, but we couldn’t get his wife’s name. We could see the pictures of his wife on his Instagram account, but he didn’t mention her name.

The Philip couple doesn’t seem to have a biological kid. There are chances that they might have adopted two kids because, in one Instagram post, Phillip referred to kids who visited on Father’s Day.

Thus, it shows that Phillip and those kids have some connection between them.

But as of now, there is no clear information about his children.

Philip Watson Net Worth

Phillip Watson

Philip Watson has an estimated net worth is 10 million dollars as of 2024 because he has been working in the horticulture field for nearly 40 years.

Currently, he uses his gardening services to cater to top celebrities in the town so that he will get a lump sum charge for each visit.

In addition to that, his QVC salary will be in the millions as well. If we see the net worth of Phillip Watson for the year 2023, it was around 9 million dollars. So his annual salary is about 1 million dollars.

Philip Watson Social Media

Philip Watson is active on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where he has posted many pictures and videos of his professional life.


Most people think that gardening is a low-wage job. But Phillip Watson proved that if you have a talent for your work, you can earn millions at any type of job. Don’t you guys think so? Comment on it.

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