Michel Valbrun is famous as the United States’ Most Respected Black CPA, and stands as an award-winning author and speaker hailing from South Florida.

He has become the richest person with an estimated net worth is $10 million, and presently resides in Atlanta with his wife.

So here, in this article, we are going to see the details of Michel Valbrun’s biography, including his age, education, job, business, personal life, parents, etc.

Who is Michel Valbrun?

Michel Valbrun
Michel Valbrun

Michel Valbrun is a certified public accountant, entrepreneur, coach, and mentor who helps businesses maximize profits, accelerate growth, and implement best practices using the C.P.A. success system.

Being brought up in a financial accounting and taxing family, Michel naturally grasped his interest by seeing his parents. Then, he studied hard to become a certified public accountant.

And through his hard work and talent, he became one and worked for many Fortune 500 companies as a CPA. Then, in 2015, Michel started his own company named Valbrun Groups.

Then it became a very famous company, and it has attracted many customers on a global level. And Michel has become a viral star in recent days.

In addition to that, he has started his own accounting and taxing business, and he has also released a book titled Prolific Profit.

As the years rolled on, Michel became a great public speaker as well.

Michel Valbrun Age

Michel Valbrun

Michel Valbrun is 34 as of 2024. But his exact date of birth is not available on the internet. But we have tracked this age by calculating his graduation year.

He entered the college in 2008, so during that time, Michel was 18 years old, which confirms that he was born in 1990.

So, Michel is going to celebrate his 34th birthday happily in the coming years.

Michel Valbrun Early life

Michel Valbrun was born in Haiti, so he is a Haitian resident. Most people think that Haiti belongs to the Republic of Haiti. So, it is different from US jurisdiction.

So, Michel’s ethnic roots are spread across Haiti, and by seeing his appearance, we can see that his ancestors’ roots are from Africa.

As his parents have shifted to Miami for their business, Michel has spent his entire childhood days in Miami.

As we have mentioned earlier, Michel’s parents are financial professionals; they had their taxing practice firm in Miami. So, Michel has drawn his inspiration from his parents.

Since childhood, Michel has been a very academic student, so he got excellent marks, and he got the opportunity to enter the University of Florida in 2008. He chose to study B.Sc. accounting.

Then, he did his master’s degree at the same university, and his course was Information Systems and Operations Management.

Michel Valbrun Height

The height of Michel Valbrun is 5 feet 9 inches, or 180 cm, or 1.8 meters, and he weighs about 176 lbs.

He possesses a solid muscular body, but he seemed to be a little obese for his height in earlier times. But currently, Michel has become a fitness star as well. He lost so much weight and looks like a handsome star now.

As he has a black complexion, Michel prefers to stay with his crop-cut hairstyle and thinks a layer of beard adds an extravagant smartness to his looks.

Michel Valbrun Career

Michel Valbrun

Michel Valbrun started his career as an intern at a company named PwC in the year, and at the same time, he worked for Publix as a project cost analyst intern for a few months.

Due to his skills and talent, Michel got an opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company named Ernst & Young. He started as an intern and then got a full-time job as a risk staff consultant.

Then, in 2015, he got the chance to work as a senior internal auditor at Spirit Airlines.

At the same time, he opened his own dream company, the Valbrun Group.

Michel Valbrun, an entrepreneur at Valbrun Group LLC

Michel Valbrun has put all of his talent and experience into the creation of his company. Let us find some details about his beloved company.

Valbrun Company helps entrepreneurs and businesses buy back their time, grow their businesses, and maximize profits by saving them $10–$100k per year in taxes, even if they have an experienced CPA or accountant using our C.P.A. Success System. This is the core objective of his company.

He proved that his company is different from others by following a holistic approach by analyzing the whole company structure, their dreams and needs, and designing their own curated plans for them.

Michel Valbrun Wife

Michel Valbrun wife

Michel Valbrun is married to his wife Racquel, they have a 3-year-old daughter. We can see lots of images of his wife on his Instagram posts.

Michel Valbrun’s unwavering pillar of support throughout his journey is his wife, Racquel.

From their days as friends to the present, she has consistently stood by his side, providing steadfast encouragement on every step of his path.

Michel Valbrun Net Worth

Michel Valbrun net worth

Michel Valbrun has an estimated net worth is 10 million dollars as of 2024.

He has been running his accounting firm successfully for a decade, and in addition to that, he is also working as a consultant for many companies.

In addition to that, he is the author who released his book. Moreover, Michel’s parents are from accounting firms.

So they could have saved lots of money as a legacy, and so his parent’s net worth will add to his current net worth.

If we look at Michel Valbrun’s net worth for the year 2023, it was around 9 million dollars, so his annual salary is around 1 million dollars.

He has a luxurious lifestyle with a beautiful house and cars, and lives with his family, including his wife and children

Michel Valbrun Social Media

Michel Valbrun is active on almost every social media, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where he has shared photos and videos of his professional life.

He has gained a massive fan following through his motivating videos about business. Also, he shared his wife and children’s pictures which look sweet.

If you want to contact Michel Valbrun for business purposes you can send mail to his [email protected]


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