Are you the kind of person who is a fan of Tom Selleck’s movies? Then do you remember his awesome horseback riding skills?

Nowadays, Tom is not acting in movies, so we can’t see his stunning acting skills, but don’t worry, people!

The female version of Tom Selleck is now impressing the world with her horse-riding skills. And it’s none other than Tom Selleck’s daughter, Hannah Margaret Selleck!

Aren’t you guys curious about more details about Hannah?

Let us go into the article!

Who is Hannah Margaret Selleck?

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Hannah Margaret Selleck is a horse rider, entrepreneur, model, and social media influencer who rose to fame by being the daughter of legendary veteran actor Tom Selleck and actress Jillie Joan Mack.

Her father acted in several movies and television series like Magnum, P.I., Three Men, and a Baby, Mr. Baseball, Lassiter, Friends, etc.; Tom is also a great producer.

At the same time, her mother is also a model and actress.

Even though she was born into the Cine family, Hannah chose a very different career path for her life, and her parents also encouraged her to take a very different path, which is being a world-class equestrian!

Hannah has participated in many horse riding and jumping events and won medals. In addition to that, she is also a great model, and presently she owns a business firm and a horse breeding stable.

Hannah Margaret Selleck created her identity instead of being overshadowed by her father’s fame.

Is Hannah Selleck an Actress?

No, Hannah Selleck is not an actress. Even though her father, mother, and stepbrother have been in the movie industry.

Hannah decided to stay out of it. She didn’t even contribute to any off-movie scenes as well.

She is into horseback riding and modeling alone.

Early Life of Hannah Selleck

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Hannah Selleck was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 16, 1988.

Being born to the actor and actress daughter, Hannah led a luxurious life, and since childhood, Hannah grew up seeing her father’s horse-riding movie scenes, which deeply impacted her mind.

She started to grow her interest in horses. And she learned horse riding skills from her father, and at age 4, Hannah started to ride horses!

Then she participated in competitions like the Prix de States, the Equitation Championship at Capitol Challenge, etc.

And Hannah is also a brilliant dancer, gymnast, and ice skater who can do anything under the sky! Because she is a good academic student as well.

How Old is Hannah Selleck? Her Age

Hannah Selleck’s age is 35 as she was born on December 16, 1988.

Hannah Selleck Height

Hannah Selleck is about 172 cm, 1.72 metres, or 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weighs about 56 kg or 123 lbs.

She looks like a goddess riding on a horse! Hannah is also a model, so she knows how to maintain her skin texture and physical fitness.

Her blonde hair and hazel-brown eyes make everyone feel astonished by her beauty.

Where did Hannah Selleck go to College?

Hannah Selleck attends college at Loyola Marymount University, majoring in communication.

After six months of graduating, Hannah established her communication firm as well.

Who is Hannah Selleck Mother?

Hannah Selleck’s mother’s name is Jillie Joan Mack, and she is a dancer and actress.

So Jillie used to perform many dance shows, and in one event, Hannah’s father, Tom, and Jillie met for the first time and fell in love. And Tom married Jillie in 1987, and she is his second wife.

Is Hannah Selleck Tom Selleck’s Daughter?

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Yes, Hannah Selleck is the only biological daughter of actor Tom Selleck. Tom has a son from his previous relationship named Kelvin, but he is an adopted son.

Kelvin is the son of Tom’s first wife, “Jacqueline Ray” (from her previous relationship), and Tom adopted Kelvin.

Thus, Tom has only one biological kid: our talented horse rider Hannah.

When was Hannah Selleck Born?

Hannah Selleck was born on December 16, 1988. And this is one of the most significant days in American history. Any guesses?

It was the day when the Boston Tea Party was held during the American Revolution. Okay, enough of the history classes; we’ll return to our topic.

Does Hannah Selleck have a Boyfriend?

No, Hannah Selleck doesn’t have a boyfriend since she is single, even though she was rumored to be dating model Beto Gutierrez or polo player Nic Roldan.

None of them seemed to be her real boyfriend. So as of now, Hannah Selleck is not dating anyone.

Hannah Selleck and Beto Gutierrez

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Beto Gutierrez is the rumored boyfriend of Hannah Selleck; he is the model for the next management modeling company.

They might have met at a modeling event since Beto and Hannah are the models.

But there is no official confirmation from both party, and Hannah has posted an image of the couple captioned “Bae”, so the rumors spread wildly.

But nowadays, even friends are captioned as love, so subsequently, we couldn’t confirm their relationship just by seeing this caption.

Is Hannah Selleck Dating?

No, Hannah Selleck is not dating anyone.

In 2021, she was rumored to be dating polo player and model Nic Roldan, but Nic is dating actress Anna Kendrick.

So, there won’t be any chances for Nic to date Hannah. Moreover, Nic is a very good friend of Tom Hellack.

Hannah Selleck Nic Roldan

Nic Roldan is the rumored boyfriend of our horse rider, Hannah Selleck. Both of them are very good friends.

There is no evidence to prove that they’re dating, and we have searched social media accounts of Hannah and couldn’t find a single picture of Nic.

Moreover, there is news spreading that Nic is dating actress Anna Kendrick.

Hannah Selleck Net Worth

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Hannah Selleck’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million dollars as of 2024. She is a sportsperson, an entrepreneur, and a successful model. So, Hannah earned all this money from her hard work.

She owns a company and even runs a horse breeding stable; every dollar she earns adds to her net worth.

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What is Hannah Selleck Doing Now?

Hannah Selleck is a model, professional horse rider, and entrepreneur.

Presently, she owns a farm named Descanso Farm in California, where she rears, breeds, and trains the horses, and they send the trained horses to the sports organization for competition.

In addition to that, she models for Reviver Cosmetics and also runs her own business.

What Does Hannah Selleck Do For A Living?

Hannah Selleck is running a business, rearing her horses, and modeling.

She is the person who goes after her passion, and her passion for horses helped her earn more money as well.


Hannah Selleck’s life story is truly inspiring, and her efforts to create a good world for horses and other animals must be appreciated. Don’t you guys think so? Comment on it.

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