Gerard Barron, born on October 3, 1968, is a great entrepreneur and investor who rose to fame for his innovative deep mining technology.

His company, Deep Green Metals, has become the most famous deep-sea mining exploration company and has resolved to protect the earth from extensive mining.

Gerard stood as a pillar of support in the creation of this company. But only a few pieces of information have been circulating regarding this famous personality, so we have deeply researched more interesting facts about him and curated this article for you. So read it till the end!

Who is Gerard Barron?

Gerard Barron
Gerard Barron

Gerard Barron is an entrepreneur and investor who is the CEO of the deep-sea mining company named “The Metals Company,” previously known as Greem Metals.

The main working principle of Gerard Company is to extract the metals from the deep-sea polymetallic nodules so that it can prevent the land mining problems that are prevailing in this environment.

In addition to that, Gerard is also the CEO of a company named Adstream, which is a creative logistics company for omnichannel campaigns.

Thus, his entrepreneurship and motto of protecting the earth helped him reach greater heights.

Gerard Barron Age

Gerard Barron

Gerard Barron is 56 as of 2024 because he was born on October 3, 1968. He is going to celebrate his 56th birthday in 9 months.

Gerard Barron Height & Weight

Gerard Barron’s height is 5 feet, 8 inches, 172 cm, or 1.72 meters, and he weighs about 75 kg or 165 lbs.

Barron looks like a Hollywood hero with his crop-cut hairstyle, which is black and gray. In addition, Gerard possesses a handsome, cold look by nature, and he always maintains that look on his face. It adds an extra charm to his face.

And his tall and super-fit body will make everyone fall for him, even at the age of 56.

Early Life Details of Gerard Barron

Gerard Barron

Gerard Barron was born in 1968 in a Canadian country. His ethnicity and nationality belong to Canada. But his parents’ details are unknown, as we have already mentioned. Barron is more concentrated on establishing a profile for his business.

Thus, we couldn’t see his parents or his siblings’ details. On his Instagram, we could see the photos of his parents, but he didn’t mention their names. Gerard has better looks at his father than his mother.

Educational Details

We are sorry to share that Gerard Barron’s educational details are not with us. We have also profoundly researched the details of his schooling and university on his LinkedIn profile.

Still, Gerard should have included all his educational details on his profile. We hope that Gerard might have studied something related to mining or the mineral exploration process because everyone needs strong knowledge of this sector, which will cause massive havoc.

If not, an undergrad degree. He might have been studying for his master’s degree. And it is reflected in each of his speeches about his business.

Gerard Barron Career

Gerard Barron

Gerard Barron started his career as an investor for Nautilus Minerals in 2001. It was a firm based in Australia. This company helped him gather more knowledge about the mineral industry. And it has motivated him to innovate something new in mineral exploration.

Minerals and metals are mainly extracted from the earth’s lands, damaging the earth’s biodiversity. So, Gerard wanted different options to do this mining.

Then, he came up with the idea of deep mining in the ocean floor’s polymetallic nodules. In the meantime, he became the founder and CEO of a creative logistics company named Adstream in 2002.

Adstream is a platform that does omnichannel campaigns all over the world.

In 2014, Gerard made his dream come true. And yes, that’s the creation of the metal company. He started as chairman and CEO and has been in that position for nearly 10 years.

The Legal Problems

The concept of “the metal company” was severely criticized by many scientists and climate activists because his views on extracting minerals from the ocean floor may affect aquatic animals’ lives, leading to ocean pollution. This was the stance of many climate activists.

But Gerard has given a solid answer to their claim.

Gerard Barron Wife and Children

Gerard Barron

Gerard Barron is the father of two kids named Charlotte and Poss. Currently, his daughters are 21 and 20 years old. But we don’t know his relationship with his wife.

Gerard has posted about his daughters, parents, and even his colleague in his Instagram profile, but he hasn’t conveyed anything about his wife.

So, there is a chance that they might be divorced, or he wanted to maintain privacy regarding his partner’s details.

Gerard Barron Net Worth

Gerard Barron’s net worth is estimated at around $17 million as of 2024. He alone owns nearly 15,497,489 shares of TMC worth 16,582,313 dollars.

And he used to earn a salary of $882,810.00 as the CEO and chairman of his company. And if we see the net worth value 2023 at 16.5 million dollars as of 2023,


We have shared many new facts about the famous entrepreneur and investor Gerard Barron. We hope that everyone liked this article. Comment on it.

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