Dave Nick (born on October 29, 2000) is an entrepreneur, mentor, and YouTuber who rose to fame by taking classes on how to become a great entrepreneur online.

Nick is a young and emerging star who got the title “the best YouTuber for online business classes and academy” within a few years of opening his YouTube channel.

So here, in this article, we will discuss the biography of this young YouTuber in detail.

Who is Dave Nick?

Dave Nick
Dave Nick

Dave Nick is a YouTuber and coach who used to teach about online businesses and becoming an entrepreneur in the digital world.

His YouTube Automation program is becoming more viral in the online business world.

He started his career as a very small YouTuber in 2015, where he used to take classes on how to earn money from the internet.

Then Dave started a separate academy to teach his lessons called Online Business Academy.

Hence, it helped him become a full-time mentor and entrepreneur. The lessons Dave Nick used to teach were convenient and valuable.

So, Dave emerged as the best and top e-business coach globally.

Until now, his YouTube channel has amassed around 830K subscribers and got 49,116,165 views.

Dave Nick Age

Dave Nick is 23 as of 2023, born on October 29, 2000. Recently, only Dave Nick excellently celebrated his 23rd birthday.

Do you guys know what is unique on October 29?

It is International Internet Day. Can you guys see the coincidence in how his birthday is related to this important day?

Dave Nick Height

Dave Nick is 5 feet 7 inches taller which is equal to 170 cm, or 1.7 meters, and he weighs about 70 kg or 154 lbs.

He used to have a white complexion, and we can always see him in his short hairstyle.

Early Life of Dave Nick

Dave Nick was born in the United States on October 29, 2000. There was not any particular information about his parents.

He led an impoverished financial life because his parents struggled to find a job. So, Dave Nick was forced to do multiple jobs at 13.

After he completed his studies, Dave Nick started his YouTube channel. More information about Dave’s siblings is needed.

Dave Nick Journey

Dave Nick started his career as a YouTuber in 2015. At the time, he was only studying his school life, but to support his family, he started his own YouTube channel.

At the beginning of his career, Dave Nick dealt with normal videos telling people about some work-from-home jobs, or else he would share about apps for ways to earn money online.

Let us see Dave Nick’s YouTube video of his initial career.

  • Make $10.00 per 10 seconds for free! (Work from Home)
  • This app will pay you $600.00 for free! (Make Money Online)
  • Earn $1,064.00 in 1 hour for FREE! (Make money online fast.)
  • Top 3 Sites to Get PayPal Money FAST! ($850+ in 60 minutes)

Can you see what type of Dave was concentrated on when he was just 15 years old?

All these videos helped people earn money online.

Then, after receiving lots of support from a large group, Dave Nick decided to start e-business classes. He divided them into two sections.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Youtube automation

These are popularly known as the DFY Dave course. In addition to running YouTube, Dave Nick teaches people about these courses.

Dave Nick YouTube Automation

It is an exclusive YouTube program where Dave Nick used to teach about how to build a YouTube channel professionally and how to transform a normal YouTube channel into a revenue-making source.

Moreover, he has curated many YouTube automation plans according to the customers and their channel types.

His hard work and talent helped him become the “No. 1 online business and YouTube automation channel in the world for the past four years”.

Dave Nick: Affiliate Marketing

Dave Nick also teaches a lot about affiliate marketing, and some of his trending affiliate marketing videos include,

  • Lazy $400/Day Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners
  • How to Earn +$900/Day Copy Pasting Emails (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Complete TikTok Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners (2024)
  • Easy $75/Hour Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners

Many people are sharing videos about automation and affiliate marketing, but Dave Nick’s videos are more authentic and valuable for many people.

Dave Nick Online Business Academy

Dave has combined all the courses into one academy, known as the Online Business Academy.

In that academy, people can learn about automation, and they are offering many certification courses as well.

In this academy, people used to learn about

  • Intelligent automation
  • The art of selling digital products
  • CPA marketing playbook
  • Online business club for digital entrepreneurs
  • Automation Systems 2.0
  • Passive affiliate marketing system
  • Online business model
  • Copy-writing business

Three levels of courses are offered: beginner, medium, and expert, and the fee structure fluctuates accordingly.

Dave Nick Girlfriend

Dave Nick is currently dating his girlfriend Zaira Nucci, an emerging model. Both of them have been dating since 2019.

There is no information on how these two people met in their lives despite being in different parts of their careers.

Sometimes, we can see their couple’s photos on their Instagram, but these couples maintain a low-key relationship.

Dave Nick Net Worth

Dave Nick net worth is estimated at around $5 million as of 2024.

He is an entrepreneur who has built a large YouTube automation learning platform called the Online Business Academy.

With these businesses’ help, Dave Nick could buy a beautiful house, a sports car, and many technology-based items.

His net worth value for 2023 is $4.5 million, and his average yearly salary is $500,000.


Thereby, we have discussed the unique and inspiring life story of Dave Nick. This 23-year-old youngster is providing hope for millions of people.

We wish him tremendous success in his professional and personal life.

Are you ready to enroll in his courses? Comment on it.

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