Colin Yurcisin (Born on 8 June 1997) is the founder of three companies: Leveraged Lifestyle, Leveraged Mining, and Leveraged Investments.

He was the one who suffered from $50,000 in debt during his initial stage of life, and now Colin is the same person who owns a $5 million company.

So here in this article, we are going to see the inspiring journey of Colin Yurcisin.

Who is Colin Yurcisin?

Colin Yurcisin
Colin Yurcisin

Colin Yurcisin is a serial entrepreneur who rose to fame through his credit class company (now renamed Leveraged Lifestyle), where he used to take classes for people on how to make use of their credits, start a business, create personal brands, etc.

He has started his journey after being hit at the rock bottom of his life like a person with massive debt, no self-confidence, unclear about the future, and a harsh breakup.

At one point in time, Colin wanted to change everything, and he put more effort into it and created his own company.

Well, he is the guy who is suffering from ABHD as well, but he has positively utilized his ABHDutilized and created his business kingdom, which helps to tackle their incomes, credit scores, debts, and salaries.

He even talks about self-confidence, building up one personality. In addition to that, Colin has been taking classes about Bitcoin and its utilities. His works are featured in Forbes, Gulf Today, Entrepreneur, etc.

Hence, Colin is sharing his knowledge and helping others attain their personal and financial freedom.

Colin Yurcisin Age

Colin Yurcisin

Colin Yurcisin is 27 years old as of 2023 because he was born on June 8, 1997. Within 6 months, he is going to celebrate his 27th birthday.

He could attain more extraordinary things at a very young age, so Colin’s age is always a booster dose for people who aspire to achieve great things in their lives.

Colin Yurcisin Height

Colin Yurcisin height is 5 feet, 8 inches, 172 cm, or 1.72 meters, and he weighs about 75 kg or 165 lbs.

Colin has been a great fitness enthusiast since childhood. He used to maintain his sculpted body excellently.

Do you guys know that our credit score expert also takes fitness classes to help people maintain their bodies?

He possesses milky skin and whitish-grey combined hair. He always had that ambitious entrepreneurial look on his face.

Colin Yurcisin Early Childhood Life

Colin Yurcisin

Colin Yurcisin was born on June 8, 1997, in New Jersey, United States of America. So, his nationality is rooted in the USA, and his ethnic roots are also spread across the same country.

He is an ADHD child, so he used to be very active and energetic, and his parents supported him well.

His entire family belongs to the corporate culture; even his grandfather and grandmother were corporate workers.

So since childhood, Colin grew up seeing that culture, and deep inside his heart, he knew that even he was going to be a corporate product.

When he was studying for high school, Colin used to do some small businesses, but they ended up failing.

Colin remained a very ambitious kid. He wanted to enroll in the top 10 universities in the US.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t enter the university, but he ended up getting into the University of Arizona.

During his college studies, Colin’s track was changed; he became more addicted to enjoyment, drugs, etc., which affected his career life after graduation.

Colin Yurcisin Career

Colin Yurcisin

Colin Yurcisin started his career by working as a corporate worker who used to perform a 9-to-5 job.

His salary was around 38,000 dollars, but he had an educational debt of 20,000 dollars.

To tackle his expenses and credit, he took a personal loan of another $20,000. But unfortunately, it was a scam, so his debt bill skyrocketed to 40000 dollars.

This incident broke the heart of Colin; he used to be on drugs, and he didn’t like his corporate job as well.

One day, he became so intoxicated that he was beaten by an unknown person and was admitted to the hospital.

his hospital days made him realize the importance of life. And he resigned from his job and started to learn about credits, managing expenses, building self-confidence, etc.

Colin Yurcisin Credit Class Company

Colin founded his credit class company, where he used to teach people how to become entrepreneurs, their credit score, debt, usage of credit cards, loans, etc.

Because he felt that there were institutes to talk about money problems and their solutions, Colin started that as his new business.

In addition to that, Colin is very well inclined towards opening a fitness institute where he also teaches people about being fit.

He is the most eligible person to take classes on bitcoins, so he opened his own leveraging mining company.

 Colin Yurcisin Wife/Girlfriend

Colin Yurcisin girlfriend Noemi Hopper
Colin Yurcisin girlfriend Noemi Hopper

Colin Yurcisin got engaged to an actress named Noemi Hopper. Noemi and Colin met in Bali.

And it was love at first sight for Colin. He fell for her so badly, and the next day, Colin started to talk to Noemi.

Then, even Noemi couldn’t resist his feelings of love. And finally, both of them fall in love.

In September 2023, Colin proposed again to Bali, and at that moment, they got engaged as well.

Till now, the pair hasn’t announced their marriage details. We hope that they will soon tell us their wedding updates as well.

Colin Yurcisin Net Worth

Colin Yurcisin net worth

The net worth of Colin Yurcisin is 10 million dollars as of 2024. Currently, he owns three companies.

In addition to that, he is also taking training classes, courses, and fitness classes, so it is natural for a person to earn this amount of money.

Moreover, he is the author of a book named Go All in How I Went from $50,000 in Debt to a Multimillionaire by 24.

It is one of the best-selling books so he will gain an extra amount from that as well.

And Colin is also running his YouTube channel; hence, he will get his monthly ad pay.

If we see Colin’s net worth for the year 2023, it is 9 million dollars, so his annual salary is about 1 million dollars.

Colin Yurcisin Soial Media

Colin Yurcisin is active on every social media platform, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

He has a massive fan following on all platforms through his outstanding leadership capacity in the business field.

He shares many attractive pictures and videos of his cars and beautiful house on social media which is liked by thousands of people.


“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This could be the perfect quote to end this article. Colin Yurcisin is the one who trusted himself and worked on him, and finally, he is reaping the benefits.

Do you guys think so? Comment on it.

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