Cameron Fordham (born on 11 May 1991) is an American richest entrepreneur, Co-founder, and football player with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Join us as we explore the diverse facets of Cameron Fordham’s early life, age, height, net worth, girlfriend, and more.

Profile Summary
NameCameron Fordham
Real NameCameron Alexander Fordham
Birth Date11 May 1991
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia
Age32 Years Old
Zodiac SignPisces
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Football player, Co-founder
EducationSport Management at N.C. State
ParentsFather: Jeffrey Fordham
Mother: Kymberly Fordham
Marital StatusN/A
ResidenceNashville, Tennessee, United States

Who is Cameron Fordham?

Cameron Fordham
Cameron Fordham

Cameron Fordham is an American entrepreneur, marketer, and footballer. He is also known as Cam by his loved ones and his full name is Cameron Alexander Fordham.

In 2016, he co-founded Get Engaged Media, a company that hooks up big brands with famous people, trendsetters, and social media stars. They call it influencer marketing.

Cameron has appeared in big-shot magazines like Forbes and Billboard have talked about him and his work.

Essentially, Cameron Fordham is a dynamic individual making a mark in multiple areas of interest.

Early Life of Cameron Fordham

Cameron Fordham was born on 11 May 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. He has grown up Growing up under the care of his parents. He loved playing football since childhood.

Cameron Fordham developed a deep-rooted passion for football from a young age. His love for the sport has been a constant throughout his childhood.

From tossing the ball in the backyard to playing organized games, football has been an integral part of Cameron’s journey.

He holds American nationality and his ethnicity is not disclosed.

Cameron Fordham Age

Cameron Fordham is 32 years old as of 2023 and he was born on 11 May 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. His zodiac sign is Pisces.

Known for his vibrant and happening personality, Cameron marks each birthday with lavish celebrations alongside his close-knit circle of family and buddies.

Cameron Fordham Height and Weight

Cameron Fordham stands tall at a height of 6 feet 3 inches which is equivalent to 190 centimeters or 1.90 meters. He weighs around 80 kilograms which is equivalent to 176 lbs.

As a football player, his commitment to maintaining a well-maintained physique reflects his enthusiasm for the sport.

Beyond the field, Cameron’s charismatic persona captivates a broad audience, especially garnering admiration from female fans.

His physical presence, coupled with an approachable charm, contributes to his overall popularity.

Cameron Fordham Height & Weight
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 6′ 3”
In Centimeter: 190cm
In Meter: 1.90m
WeightIn Kilogram: 80 kg
In pounds: 176 lbs

Cameron Fordham Education

Cameron Fordham’s educational journey reflects a combination of academic excellence and a passion for sports.

He attended Wesleyan School and he then continued his high school education at Northview High School.

Demonstrating a keen intellect and dedication to both studies and athletics, Cameron pursued higher education in Sport Management at N.C. State.

His academic pursuits did not stop there. Cameron furthered his studies at LSU, showcasing a commitment to enhancing his knowledge and skills.

Cameron’s ability to excel in both academics and football speaks to a holistic approach to life, where education and passion intertwine to shape a person with a multifaceted and accomplished background.

Cameron Fordham Career

Cameron Fordham’s professional journey showcases his roles as a Co-Founder and Partner at Get Engaged, underlining his expertise in influencer marketing.

Additionally, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at, where he also co-founded the platform.

Simultaneously, Cameron takes on the role of Marketing Director at Sports Challenge Network, demonstrating his versatile skills in the marketing landscape.

Cameron initially made waves in the sports arena, particularly football. Beginning as a true freshman in 2010, he redshirted, setting the stage for a promising collegiate athletic career.

Post-football, Cameron ventured into the realm of business and marketing. In 2016, Cameron co-founded Get Engaged Media, a full-service influencer marketing agency.

This venture launched him into the dynamic landscape of connecting major consumer brands with influential personalities, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Cameron’s dual identity as a football player and entrepreneur highlights his versatility and ability to navigate diverse fields seamlessly.

His commitment to excellence is evident in both his sportsmanship and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Throughout his career journey, Cameron’s charisma has attracted fans in the sports world and has also made him a recognizable figure in the business and marketing spheres.

His trajectory from a redshirted freshman to a co-founder of a prominent influencer marketing agency underscores his evolution and success in various professional domains.

Cameron’s career embodies a harmonious fusion of sportsmanship, entrepreneurship, and marketing expertise.

He Fordham serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, versatility, and unwavering dedication in shaping a fascinating and successful career.

Get Media Engaged

Get Engaged Media LLC is a notable influencer marketing agency co-founded by Cameron Fordham.

Specializing in connecting major consumer brands with influential personalities, the agency strategically leverages celebrities, tastemakers, and social media stars.

Co-founder Cameron Fordham’s entrepreneurial spirit has played a key role in shaping the agency’s success.

The agency’s impact underscores Cameron’s adept navigation of the evolving realms of marketing and brand promotion.

Cameron Fordham Net Worth

Cameron Fordham has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024. His previous year’s net worth was estimated at $4 million.

His wealth stems from diverse income sources, blending entrepreneurship, sponsorships, and sports-related endeavors.

Co-founding Get Engaged Media has proven lucrative, contributing to his financial success in the dynamic influencer marketing landscape.

This wealth affords Cameron a comfortable lifestyle, reflecting the fruits of his multifaceted career.

Net Worth & Salary
Net Worth$5 milion
Last Year Net Worth$4 million
Annual Income$1 million
Earning SourceEntrepreneur, Football, Co-founder, Social Media

Cameron Fordham Parents

Cameron Fordham’s parents are Jeffrey Fordham and Kymberly Fordham. Notably, his father Jeffrey made a mark in the sports world as an offensive lineman for LSU in 1983.

During his time at LSU, Jeffrey specialized in communication studies, showcasing a commitment to both academics and athletics.

This familial connection to LSU and a shared passion for football likely played a role in shaping Cameron’s journey in the sport.

The legacy of athletic achievement and academic pursuits within the Fordham family adds depth to Cameron’s background, highlighting a tradition of excellence both on the field and in the realm of communication studies.

Cameron Fordham Girlfriend

Cameron Fordham is a bit quiet about his love life. He likes to keep it to himself and does not share much.

It seems like he is shy or just wants some privacy in that area. Cameron does not talk openly about who he is dating, making it a bit of a mystery for his fans.

He probably enjoys having some things just for himself, and that is okay. It adds a touch of curiosity to his life, and fans respect his choice to keep his romantic side away from the public eye.

Cameron Fordham Social Media

Cameron Fordham is a well-known figure on social media, with a substantial following across various platforms.

On Instagram, he boasts over 141k followers, while on LinkedIn, he has garnered over 5k followers.

His Twitter account has attracted over 2k followers, and he is also present on Facebook.

In addition to sharing glimpses of his life, Cameron showcases his love for animals on social media.

Pictures of him with dogs and dolphins highlight his affection for our furry and aquatic friends, adding a delightful and relatable touch to his online presence.

Through these platforms, Cameron engages with his audience, sharing his professional pursuits and also his interests and connections with the natural world.

The Bottom Line

In the bottom line, Cameron Fordham emerges as a captivating figure, seamlessly navigating the worlds of entrepreneurship, social media, and football passion.

As we wrap up this exploration, it is evident that Cameron’s story is not just about success but also about the genuine joy found in pursuing diverse passions, creating a narrative that resonates with a broad audience.

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