Bunnie Deford is a famous American model and internet star best known for being the wife of Jelly Roll.

Her show has emerged as one of the best on YouTube. So, her fame and popularity level are trending worldwide.

In addition to that, Bunnie is also the wife of a great celebrity. Well, who is that, and what was their love story?

To know all the answers, kindly read the full article!

Who is Bunnie Deford?

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Bunnie Deford is an American podcaster, YouTuber, social media personality, producer, model, and celebrity wife.

She has made so many achievements in her career, and Bunnie Deford is none other than the wife of the famous rapper Jelly Roll.

She rose to immense fame through her podcast show “Dumb Blonde Podcast.” After the podcast’s success, Bunnie Deford has also started producing many shows, like Meet the DeFords.

In addition, Bunnie used to play the perfect wife role by encouraging her musician husband by attending his concerts and musical shows, etc.

Thus, Bunnie is an all-rounder who perfectly takes care of her professional and personal lives.

What is Bunnie Deford Real Name?

Bunnie Deford is the real name of Bunnie XO; she was popularly called Bunnie XO by her fans.

Presently, everyone thinks that Bunnie XO is her real name. But it is not the truth; Bunnie Deford is the real name.

What does Bunnie Deford do?

Bunnie Deford does podcasting, modeling, and production. Occasionally, she will also appear on her husband’s musical concert show.

Early Life of Bunnie Deford

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Bunnie Deford was born on January 22, 1980, in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States. She is of American nationality and white ethnicity.

Bunnie Deford’s early life wasn’t fruitful because, when she was a baby, her parents got divorced, so she was deprived of her mother’s love.

Her mother ran away after she gave birth to Bunnie after three months, but she doesn’t let that feeling stop her from pursuing her ambitions in life.

And she did her schooling at John C. Fremont High School. And there is no information about her college graduation.

Bunnie Deford Age

Bunnie Deford’s age is 44 as of 2024, as she was born in 1980. Her birthday falls on January 22, and we hope Bunnie had an excellent birthday a few months ago.

How Tall is Bunnie Deford?

Bunnie Deford is 5 feet 9 inches, 175 cm, or 1.75 meters tall. She is a model and knows how to maintain a perfect hourglass body.

And she weighs around 68 kg or 150 pounds. With these perfect 36-29-38 body measurements, it’s no wonder Bunnie is also a popular model.

Who are Bunnie Deford parents?

Bunnie Deford’s parents’ information is not available because her parents divorced when she was a baby.

Her mother worked in adult entertainment as a stripper. Her father, Bill Spills, was a musician.

Bunnie Deford Father

Bunnie Deford’s father’s name is Bill Spills, and he was a musician. Her wife got run over after giving birth to Bunnie.

As a single father, Bill struggled a lot to raise her only daughter.

Recently, in the Bunnie Deford podcast, he explained his struggle as a single parent.

Who is Bunnie Deford Married to?

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Bunnie Deford married the famous American rapper Jelly Roll on August 31, 2016. Since then, the couple has been together and living a happy married life.

Their relationship has become a motivation for a lot of couples.

Bunnie Deford Husband

Bunnie Deford’s husband’s name is Jelly Roll, and he is an American rapper who specializes in hip-hop, rock, and country music.

Since childhood, being an obese kid made Bunnie face many bullies and embarrassments, but he accepted his body shape, and music was his best companion.

He equipped himself to become a musical star; thus, he learned to sing, rap, and write song lyrics. And his songs also went viral, and millions of people liked them.

Some of the hit songs from Jelly Roll are

  • Dead Man Walking
  • Strictly Business
  • No Filter
  • Business as Usual
  • Sobriety Sucks
  • Waylon and Willie
  • A Beautiful Disaster
  • Self Medicated

Bunnie Deford and Jelly Roll

Bunnie Deford and Jelly Roll met in a Chip and Whales male club; at that time, Jelly Roll worked there.

Love sparked between them, and the couple started dating in 2013. And they decided to get married on August 31, 2016.

From then on, the couple leads a very romantic and compatible life.

Bunnie Deford Kids

Bunnie Deford has no biological kids, but her husband, Jelly Roll, was in a relationship with his high school love, Felicia.

Bunnie and Felicia gave birth to two kids named Baille Ann and Noah DeFord.

But Jelly and Felicia separated, and those kids lived alone with their father. So, Bunnie Deford became the stepmother to those kids.

Bunnie Deford Daughter

Bunnie Deford has no biological children but is the stepmom for Jelly Roll’s daughter, Baille Ann DeFord.

Bunnie Deford Career

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Bunnie Deford is successful in her professional life; her podcast, “Dumb Blonde Podcast,” runs very successfully on her YouTube channel, “Bunnie Xo.”

In addition, Bunnie is a popular model who used to appear as a model for many popular magazines.

And she also produces two shows named Meet the DeFords and Bunnie’s WhoreLympics.

Bunnie XO is also an emerging social media influencer, with nearly 900,000 followers on Instagram and 104,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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Bunnie Deford Podcast

Bunnie Deford’s podcast name is Dumb Blonde Podcast. She started this podcast on her YouTube channel, and presently it is streaming on all podcast audio platforms.

Bunnie is the only host on that show, and she used to invite many celebrities and talk about different topics that help people escape their struggles.

Some guests who appeared in the show were Savannah Dexter, Ophelia, Ekoh, Adam Calhoun, Paige, etc.

Bunnie Deford Before Surgery

Bunnie Deford has undergone many plastic surgeries, like breast implants, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty surgeries, and Brazilian buttock surgery.

So before surgery, Bunnie had a normal body with some imperfections.

Still, she wasn’t very confident about her body, and now she has transformed into a supermodel, with all her body parts looking hot and sexy.

And it’s her body and her rights, and it is not the topic of gossip for anyone.

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How much is Bunnie Deford Net Worth?

Bunnie Deford net worth is estimated at around $2.5 million as of 2024.

She is a very successful lady who used to get more sponsorships and brand endorsements for her podcast show, and the major streaming platforms are also sharing her podcast.

Thus, it will be added to her net worth.

Her net worth value for 2023 was $2 million, and within one year, Bunnie managed to increase her net worth by $ 50000.

Thus, her annual salary will be around $50,000.

What Does Bunnie Deford Do For A Living?

Bunnie Deford purely relies on her skills for her livelihood. Her hosting skills and perfect boy help her lead a successful professional life.

In earlier times, she worked as a stripper, but later she built her skills and became a celebrity with her hard work.

The Bottom Line

Thus, we have seen all the exclusive details about the podcaster Bunnie XO. She started her life from scratch, and it is going more successfully.

Isn’t her story inspiring? Let us know below.

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