Story Annabelle (born on 6 February 2018) is a well-known celebrity child best known for being the daughter of famous actor Aaron Paul.

Paul shares this child with his wife Lauren Parsekian. The couple has been in the headlines since they got blessed with their beautiful child.

In this article, we have mentioned everything you should know about this lovely daughter of Paul and Parsekian.

Who is Aaron Paul’s Daughter Story Annabelle Paul?

Annabelle Paul

Story Annabelle Paul is the first child of the actor Aaron Paul. She rose to fame by being the kid of the Breaking Bad series actor Aaron.

She is the six-year-old kid who usually appears on her parent’s social media accounts, and usually, Annabelle’s photos will be trending and get millions of likes.

In this way, she gained more support from her parents’ fans. Yes! Annabelle’s mother is a great actress.

Thus, Story Annabelle also gathered many fans at this young age.

But her parents are more private about her presence, and it’s rare to see Story Annabelle publicly.

Let us know more details about her.

Story Annabelle Paul Birthday

Story Annabelle Paul’s birthday was on February 6, 2018. Can you guys try guessing the importance of Annabelle’s birthday?

It is National Valentine’s shopping reminder day! Isn’t it sweet that Aaron’s little angel was born that day?

Story Annabelle Paul Age

Story Annabelle Paul is 6 years old as of 2024, becuse she was born on February 6, 2018.

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Story Annabelle Paul Parents

Story Annabelle Paul’s parents are great movie actors; thus, she attained fame and popularity very young.

Her parents’ names are Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian.

Annabelle’s father and mother met at the Coachella Festival, then they fell in love, and Aaron proposed to her.

Their marriage was held in 2013 at a Parisian carnival-themed wedding. Since then, Annabelle’s parents have emerged as iconic couples.

But our little angel was born after only 6 years.

Story Annabelle Paul Father

Story Annabelle Paul’s father’s name is Aaron Paul. And he is a great actor who played the role of Jesse Pinkman in the world’s popular Breaking Bad series.

Annabelle’s father has won three Primetime Emmy awards for that series alone.

In addition to that, Aaron Paul’s new series “Beyond the Sea” is going to stream on Netflix in June.

He is the person who has started his career from scratch by appearing in small musical videos, minor roles, as a voiceover artist, and short films.

His acting career started in 1999, and 2008 was the most successful. Thanks to the Breaking Bad series, Aaron’s natural talent to the world.

He has achieved the most significant position in his career. Within 10 years, Aaron became the producer of the movie version of the Breaking Bad series “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”.

Aaron Paul has acted in films like The Simpsons, BoJack Horseman, The Path, Truth Be Told, Westworld, Better Call Saul, etc.

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Story Annabelle Paul Mother

Story Annabelle Paul’s mother’s name is Lauren Parsekian. She is an actress, producer, and social activist.

She acted in the short film “Finding Kind,” and Lauren appeared in the NCIS: Special Agent DiNozzo Visits Dr Phil series.

Above all, Lauren Parsekain is a social activist who fights for girls’ safety and creates awareness about girl bullying worldwide. She has also been running a charity organization for that cause.

Story Annabelle Paul Godfather

Story Annabelle Paul doesn’t have a godfather, but her brother Ryden does.

And the godfather of Annabelle’s brother is Breaking Bad’s and Aaron’s co-star Bryan Cranston.

Bryan used to visit Rayden often; he poured all his love and care into him. Thus, Aaron asked Bryan to be the godfather of his baby boy, Ryden, and Bryan said yes!

In this way, Annabelle’s brother got a godfather.

Aaron Paul and Story Annabelle Paul

Aaron Paul and Story Annabelle Paul share an incredible bond.

Always a father-daughter duo has an extra-affectionate relationship, and Aaron and Story Annabelle are no exception.

And even Aaron used to consider Annabelle a living miracle, which is the reason behind the story’s name.

Do you guys know about the famous story behind Annabelle’s name?

It was Aaron who picked the name because, when Aaron and Lauren were dating, suddenly, one day, they decided to get married in the heat of the moment, so they rushed towards a church, but the chapel was closed.

The couple took this as a sign of “no”. It made them take things slower.

Then they went to the casino and won 16000 dollars at those times, while they bought a leather jacket for their unborn baby (Annabelle).

Thus, Aaron considered this chain of incidents a miracle, and this incident made him name his daughter “Story.”.

Indeed, in her story, Annabelle shared many miracles with her father. We can see Annabelle on many trips with her father.

Lauren Parsekian and Story Annabelle Paul

Lauren Parsekian and Story Annabelle Paul form more beautiful bonds.

Since Lauren is a social activist who fights for the protection of girl children, she used to be very protective of her daughter, and Lauren maintains her daughter’s privacy.

We could see the story of Annabelle and her mother a lot.

Bottom line

Thus, we have seen some interesting facts about our story, Annabelle. She is still the pampered and cherished daughter of the actor Aaron Paul.

Still, even at this early age, Annabelle used to take care of his younger brother Ryden very carefully and lovingly.

Have the facts proven that daughters are the second mothers sent from the heavens as little angels?

Comment on your thoughts on it. Share your little angel’s story in the comment section.

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